Todd Lubar Advises Tech Entrepreneurs to Tap into the Smart Home Market

The smart home market is growing at a very high rate, and is expected to exceed $60 billion within the next 5 years. A good number of real estate development companies are now including smart features in their constructions, and this just shows that it is high time everyone embraced this exciting new trend. Smart homes are growing in popularity for a number of reasons, the main one being the convenience and comfort they offer the home occupants. They also enhance safety in the home since electrical appliances that were accidentally left on can be switched off remotely or can be programmed to go off automatically after some time. Smart homes also enable people with physical disabilities to be independent as they can do most things on their own. According to Todd Lubar, the smart home revolution in the real estate industry is good news for tech entrepreneurs as it gives them an opportunity to develop new smart home features.

About Todd Lubar

According to Patch, Todd Lubar is a successful businessman and real estate entrepreneur based in Bethesda, Maryland. He has worked in the real estate industry for about 22 years, and knows the industry inside out. He started out as a loan originator and worked with a number of firms including Legacy Financial, Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Charter Funding. Todd was passionate about his job and was even recognized as one of the best loan originators in the US.

While working as a loan originator, Todd saw how people had a hard time getting mortgages from traditional lending sources. This is what inspired him to start Global Ventures LLC and Legendary Financial LLC to help people get loans for their home without going through all the hassles that traditional lenders put them through. Todd Lubar is fascinated by the developments in the smart home market and believes that smart homes are the future of residential real estate.


Real estate companies should embrace the smart home revolution and make adjustments to their operations to accommodate them. They should work with tech entrepreneurs to find ways of improving the already existing smart home features to make them more secure and efficient. Otherwise, they risk sinking into oblivion. Thanks to Lubar, people can easily get loans to build smart homes or upgrade their current homes into smart homes so as to enjoy their immense benefits.

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