Todd Levine’s Extraordinary Practice of the Law

Todd Levine is a truly exceptional lawyer and founder of a great law firm. As a founding member of Klugar, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, the firm has grown since 2009 from 17 lawyers to 30 lawyers and it now serves high profile cases with high profile clients. One such high profile client was Alex Rodriguez, the famous baseball player, in his divorce and another was Sweetwater Mayor Orlando Lopez in a dispute with commissioners who wrongfully approved a budget that required a 2 million dollar sale of property that had not been listed and the firm also helped reinstate pay for staff members Lopez had to lay off and excluded the pay for the people Lopez had hired.

The firm is a litigation-only firm but it also takes cases in family law, which does include litigation and nonlitigation matters. Todd Levine was once personally handed a piece of evidence by a mediator which appeared to hurt his case but after examining it more closely he immediately found an aspect of the documents that would allow him to win the case which was truly remarkable. More than just a lawyer with a law degree, Levine credits mentoring from his time with at Klugar Peretz for allowing him to be such a successful complex business litigator. His law firm also emphasizes mentorship for its lawyers and he says “We have a strong culture at our firm of mentoring younger attorneys and teaching younger attorneys on how to think outside the box and come up with novel approaches to problem solving.” Todd Levine is great at thinking outside the box himself as someone with habits such as playing guitar, drawing, playing bass guitar, and playing keyboards along with a helpful interest in math and science.

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