How Got On Seal Awards’ Radar

Jingdong is a Chinese company and a technology-driven e-commerce and retail infrastructure provider. In mid-November 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award announced is this years winner, after the companies serious commitment to sustainability worldwide. was chosen by the SEAL award because of the contributions to environmental causes, social innovation, and impact through its Corporate Responsibility Program. An example of their acknowledged initiatives is a program in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund. The collaboration is a program which goal is to make consumption more available, especially focusing on textile. The home country and base of is China, where the majority of the world’s textile production takes place.

The collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund is also involving the Tencent Foundation. The program is centered about recycling clothes and textiles and has collected around 1 million pieces of various textiles since 2016 when the project first started. The clothes are gathered from people’s homes and ends up like recycled fabrics ready to be used for other purposes, as donations to areas suffering from poverty within China, or as gifts to organizations that can resell the objects and keep all the earnings. has made an effort to involve other companies who are leaders in their field worldwide, such as the giant Unilever and PepsiCo, among 81 other brand names. is working with these corporations to promote the use of recycled materials in their productions, as well as reducing the use of plastic, where that is possible. also donates money directly through a collaboration with 21 vendors, when consumers purchase selected orders.

It is not only through extensive collaborations with giant global companies that the retailer was acknowledged by the SEAL Business Sustainability Award. has also taken innovative action through apparently simple tricks, like switching to a thinner kind of tape on their packaging, and thus saving 100 million meters of plastic tape over two years time.

A currently ongoing and extensive program under leadership is focusing on the consciousness and awareness of the consumer. By making the consumer demand environmentally friendly products, all retailers and corporations of the world have to keep up

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