Hedge Fund Manager Jacob Gottlieb Returns To The World Of Finance

Altium Capital is a new capital management firm based in New York City. They exclusively invest in healthcare firms which is the specialty of its founder, Jacob Gottlieb. He aggressively researches firms looking for growth-oriented companies that are producing meaningful medical treatments. His first investment after opening the doors was Oramed Pharmaceuticals in which he took a 5.61 percent stake. This company is creating an oral treatment that can be used by people with diabetes in place of using a needle.

He chose to work out of a shared office with a colleague of his, Stuart Weisbrod. Jacob Gottlieb used to work for Stuart Weisbrod at the firm Merlin BioMed Group. This company also focused just on growth-oriented healthcare firms. Together they were able to achieve a return of 100 percent in 2000. In 2007, Merlin closed up shop and returned its funds to its investors even though they had been successful for a long time.

After Merlin shut down Jacob Gottlieb opened his own capital management firm. This was Visium Asset Management. He began with $300 million in initial capital he had raised from investors. Within a year he was in charge of a $2.5 billion fund. His company made it through the great recession of 2008 and before long Visium was managing $8 billion.

A disaster struck Visium, though. Jacob Gottlieb wasn’t aware that three of his top executives were being followed by a whistleblower. The whistleblower helped the FBI and SEC nail these executives with insider trading charges as well as mismarking. His former CFO was also charged. As a result, he needed to take a year to wind this company down and return the invested money to those who had provided it.

Growing up, Jacob Gottlieb couldn’t decide whether he should be an investor or a doctor. He decided to pursue a medical degree. After graduating from Brown University with a degree in economics he became a student at the New York University School of Medicine. He changed his mind again, though, and decided he would use his medical background to his advantage in the world of finance.

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