Securus Technologies Cares About Correctional Center Efficiency

Securus Technologies is a renowned company that concentrates on criminal and civil justice matters that involve the technology world. Securus Technologies’ goal is to provide options that can be beneficial for investigation, public safety, monitoring and corrections. The Dallas, Texas firm is going to introduce an Inmate Forms and Grievance application with the assistance of ConnectUs. The objective of this application is to reduce costs for customers. It’s also to conserve precious time. Russell Roberts is Securus Technologies’ strategy and marketing Vice President. He said that his company is devoted to the idea of giving customers connections to creative and helpful technological practices. He said that this new application showcases his firm’s devotion to that mission.


 Correctional centers often depend on paper forms to take care of all kinds of different requests from inmates. These can be everything from enrollment forms to medical documentation and beyond. Staff members at correctional facilities, as a result, have to use a lot of time managing response, distribution, archiving and copying matters. This exciting application works to streamline the entire process. That’s why it may be able to make day-to-day operations for correctional centers all around the United States a lot easier and smoother.