Hugo Chavez Lives Again in a Television Production

Hugo Chavez was a major force in the political system of Venezuela for many years. Until his death in 2013, Chavez was the socialist dictator of the country. Although he was known for unethical practices and poor treatment of his citizens, many people in Venezuela believe Chavez is a hero. For this reason, many natives of the country are upset about a new television show developed by Sony Pictures. Sympathizers are afraid the world will get an inaccurate view of this dead political leader.

As mentioned in a recent article discussing the crisis in Venezuela, the country is in dire straits. Its chief export, oil, is not worth as much as it was with the decline of oil prices worldwide. This explained by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is causing food and energy shortages in the country, which has also caused extreme anxiety for the people of the country. Each day, the lines for food grow longer and the availability grows scarcer. “This phenomenon has put fear in the hearts of those who struggle to provide for their families” added Jose Figueroa, and looting has ensued throughout Venezuela.