FreedomPop’s Service Extends Globally

PC Mag just published an article about the company that makes phone bills obsolete for consumers. The article gives some important details about FreedomPop’s latest program that will extend their network. They have recently allowed residents of the U.K. to join their network, since they started in Los Angeles, California with U.S. residents. The U.K. and U.S. residents that join FreedomPop will soon be able to travel to 25 different countries throughout the world without having their services interrupted. This is a dream come true for any traveler or business person that frequently goes through the troubles of using phone cards and changing cell phones.

The service will eventually be extended even further to include 40 countries by the end of 2016. It is supposed to be flawless, so that one can travel from one country to another without noticing an interruption in their phone service. Can you imagine how convenient this must feel to not have to go through these hassles when you are traveling?

In addition, FreedomPop offers a free service for consumers that don’t want to spend a fortune on their phone bills. Their free service includes 200 MB of data, 200 minutes of phone conversations and 200 messages for text messaging. Some people like to add this free service on top of their current phone service with a larger carrier, which stops them from going over on their allowance with the large carrier. The free service can really save people a lot of money in overage charges.

FreedomPop is able to provide the free service to consumers because they buy usage in bulk from other countries. They are extending their network and building a global wifi network because they had a tremendous fund raising last quarter. You should read the article about FreedomPop in PC Mag.

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