Bruce Levenson Takes On Insurance Giant Over Unpaid Claim

Bruce Levenson is best known to the people of the world as the former head of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, but since the sale of the historic basketball team to technology expert Tony Ressler, Levenson has become known as a philanthropist and anti-bigotry campaigner. legal papers filed on behalf of Bruce Levenson and his partners in the former Hawks ownership group will bring the consortium together once more as they look to finally end an insurance claim dating back to the final days of their ownership of the franchise.

The initial insurance claim was made against a workplace based policy held by AIG the ownership group believe was triggered months before the sale of the franchise and the mutual termination of the contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry. According to Time Magazine, Levenson’s legal team is claiming breach of contract and a 50 percent penalty of any financial payout the court may settle upon.

Bruce Levenson has recently been looking to use his success and fortune from developing the United Communication Group to become a major part of the philanthropic community in the U.S. Bruce Levenson has looked to create a new way of assisting the local community in Maryland and Washington D.C. through a dedication to educating the next generation of nonprofit managers who have already begun to make a difference in the lives of people in the area.

Through a partnership with the University of Maryland, Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen have looked to bring together the students of the college who can become involved in philanthropy with the backing of the Levenson family. According to, each semester competitions are opened to students at the college to bring ideas for nonprofit programs that can be awarded up to $20,000 in funding to make sure even those not on the nonprofit management program have the chance to become involved in philanthropic giving.


What’s So Special About Organo Gold?

The Organo Gold Company describes itself as a company with “Strong Leadership” and “One Powerful Vision”. This is proven by looking at the company’s accomplishments, range of products and successful business strategies. Uniting Organo Gold’s family of Preferred Customers and Distributors is a strong sense of loyalty to each other. It starts at the top and flows down through every member who believes in treating everyone fairly.

Founder and CEO Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 with co-founder, Shane Morand. Bernie was already a well known businessman and marketing executive honored as a most successful businessman in the Pacific Rim and winning awards for food supplements and Direct Sales awards five times.

Co-founder Shane Morand is recognized as the most successful salesman and developed the compensation plan, sales training and leadership development and their global expansion to six continents in five years. They were joined in 2010 by Holton Buggs as their Chief Visionary Officer who developed their integrated sales system and leadership from their offices in British Columbia.

The Vision of Bernardo Chua was to bring the treasures of earth to the people of the world and he started with an ancient herb from China known as Ganoderma for the first five years. He was one of the first to market the herb with coffees and teas outside of Asia.

His success and expansion has resulted in the company bringing many new treasures and products to the world and making Organo one of the most successful network marketing companies in the business community. Bernardo and his team continue to make new strides to have their brand recognized and sought after world-wide.

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