Rodrigo Terpins and The Genetic Influence of His Father To Win In Sports

There are so many success stories we can read today, but one of those stories that have to do with race car rallies would be the one about the success, passions, and desire for victory of Rodrigo Terpins, one of Brazil’s most deliberately persistent, diligent and passionate professional race car drivers.

The Common Trait With The Father

This drive to race, to beat the odds and to pursue the visions of victory may have come from Rodrigo Terpins’s father, Jack Terpins. His father is one of the most respected and driven athletes in his time. Besides being one of Brazil’s most successful businessmen today, his father was also one who’s always taken to sports and to always bring the best for Brazil regarding sports achievement. Like Jack, Rodrigo is always showing passion for sports, and other than starting their businesses and ventures, these two hobbyists have also shown a lot of success in the particular sports niche industry they picked. Check out odiario

Jack Terpins made a name in the basketball arena in the 60s and early 70s’ His drive to win was also reflected in the real estate businesses that he started with his sons. He became a community leader and an institution participant that was responsible for all the things that mattered in Brazil’s business development field. In fact, Rodrigo Terpins’ father was so passionate about putting the sports up there on the pedestal that he volunteered to be the Sports Director for the administration of a community in 1991. He also served various positions as a volunteer for the Latin American Jewish Council. Visit Terra for more.

The Drive

With the same genetic make-up, Rodrigo Terpins shows the same drive to be on top in his racing endeavors. This showed in his recent activities when he joined with his brother to join the Sertoes Bull Rally Racing, which shaped his passion for providing the best performance for the racing team that he and his brother had built. Rodrigo Terpins was also so fascinated with the race car industry, that he even risked his life just to give the best rating and ranking he could ever offer.