Dick DeVos Is Passionate About Politics

Dick DeVos was appointed to the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990. He would only spend two years in office for what was supposed to be an 8 year term. DeVos stated that he desired to return to Amway. He went on to become the company’s President. However, he and his wife remained involved in several different aspects of public service. They were assigned as co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund. The fund is designed to assist low-income families with the ability to attend the school of their choice without financial burden. The Children’s Scholarship Fund provided 7.5 million dollars to the Education Freedom Fund. The DeVos family matched that donation. They also have assumed responsibility of all of the Education Freedom Fund’s administrative cost.


Dick DeVos would eventually campaign for the governorship of the state of Michigan. He is considered to be the richest man to ever run for a Statewide office in the region. It is estimated that he spent 39 million dollars on his campaign, in which 35 million was his own money.


Dick DeVos was dedicated to fixing the problems in the state’s economy. He campaigned on the issue. DeVos cited the fact that Michigan had the highest unemployment rate in the country at that time next to the state of Mississippi. He believed that tourism was an overlooked business opportunity that could bring in tremendous revenue streams. Dick would eventually lose his run for governor. He thanked his opponent and they each admired each other’s passion for the state of Michigan.


Dick DeVos is a native of Michigan. He was born in Grand Rapids and attended a public high school known as Forest Hills. His father is the founder the multi-billion-dollar company Amway. Dick DeVos became involved as a child. The organization was run out the basement of the family’s home at this time. Dick and his brother were counted upon to be assistant host as the workers performed in the home. They greeted attendees and did all of the simple tasks such as clearing tables. They also taxied guest around to recreational activities.


DeVos went on to attend Northwood University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree. He briefly spent time at Harvard Business School and the Wharton School before returning home to take an official role in his father’s company. Dick DeVos worked his way up through the ranks by studying every aspect of the business. He eventually was appointed a vice president position that gave him the responsibility of overseeing operations in 18 different countries.


Dick and his brother Doug are credited with taking Amway global. Foreign sales surpassed domestic sales for the first time in the company’s history under Dick DeVos’s leadership.


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