Brown Agency: New Modeling Experience and Opportunity for the People of Austin

Brown Agency, the leading modeling agency in Austin, is offering a high-quality and professional modeling experience for the people in the city. Additionally, it opened a door of opportunities for the talented and aspiring models of Austin. The agency gave promising careers to many models by collaborating them with some biggest brands in various industries such as Loreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, and many other global brands. The agency is known for bringing out the potential of every candidate to showcase their best in the ramps or commercials. It gives intensive coaching, interaction sessions, feedbacks, and opportunities to each of its candidates to make them highly successful in the modeling career.

To the talents, Brown Agency is something different, and they put their complete trust upon the agency considering its track record of successfully placing people according to their skills and talents. The staff of agency including its CEO Justin Brown is closely working with the aspiring models and make them fit for the requirements of the brands. Justin Brown finds the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and helps them to overcome their hurdles using various techniques and coaching. He tries to make every candidate as an ideal talent for any industry they wanted to collaborate with. Brown gives special acting talent training which can significantly leverage the candidates that make them capable of landing even into film industry quickly.

The Brown Agency is founded by Justin Brown in the year 2010 in Austin. Interestingly, it was founded as Wilhelmina Austin, and later in 2015, it got renamed as The Brown Agency after acquiring another agency named Heyman Talent-South. Until 2010, there were no prominent modeling and talent agency in Austin, which could match up with international standards. Justin had more than a decade of professional modeling career – started from his college days – with in-depth knowledge of industry requirements. He founded the agency to share that information with the aspiring talents and help them to chase their dream. His extensive industrial connections also helped the candidates to get the best training and assured opportunities with international brands. You can visit

The agency is currently budding more than 450 talents which include men and women of different ages and children. The agency keeps a great profile of talents to make it readily available for various film studios and advertising groups. It supplies talents in fashion, commercial, and theatrical with specific requirements. To the clients, collaboration with Brown Agency is an opportunity to explore quality and consistent talents who are professionally trained. The fashion models of the agency grace the major fashion events in the country including Dallas Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion Week, Chicago Fashion Week, and many other fashion shows.

Brown Agency Offers Market Representation for Brands

Brown Agency is a talent creator. From the time it was established, the agency has invested in talented individuals for modeling and brand representation. As a brand ambassador for major products in different industries, Brown Agency has worked on its reputation. Stellar is what best describes it. Brown Agency was founded by Justin Brown, a young man who worked his way up in the fashion industry. Justin Brown was committed to something he termed as talent. He coached students and imparted special skills in them. He trained them on how to carry brands with integrity and charisma.

Justin’s commitment

When Justin finished school, he wanted to grow in his line of specialization. Being visionary, he founded the company, Brown Agency. Presently, he is the lead executive. He has worked hard to ensure that Brown Agency is among the leading in Texas. Justin has led the agency into unbelievable partnerships that have made a name for the company. From working with Toyota, to Dell and Lorea’l among others, this agency has worked with some of the world’s best brands. It continues to flourish as a talent developer.

Brown develops talent

Yearly, Brown Agency coaches a team of models and entertainers. This is done in sessions. From men, children and women, this agency has learned the ropes of brand representation. It is because of proper representation that Brown Agency has made tremendous progress in fashion. Brown Agency has sent models to the runway for different events. Some events include Dallas Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week. This is also a segment of specialization that the agency deals with. For Brown, being a brand ambassador entails a lot. It highly reflects on the character of the models. Being a leader in the industry, models are trained to be well behaved despite their environment. Even if they are off duty, they must be respectful. This is because they are brand ambassadors and they represent the brand.


Justin has been coaching his models in many fields of brand representation. As an experienced model, he understands what it means to be in fashion industry. He understands the basis of having well done portfolios. With that said, Justin has been growing Brown Agency in various platforms. He has invested in good make-up brands, proper training and leadership. His models understand that it is important to lead healthy life styles as carriers of brands. Justin Brown has worked hard to have Brown Agency in international markets. Just because he is the leader does not mean that he is in a comfort zone. He puts in more effort to establish friendly working relationships. These relationships lead to marketing brands. Justin is an excellent leader. He harbors extensive experience and talent. Check out