Kenneth Goodgame’s Remarkable Career Path as a Business Leader

A lot of qualities come together to make a great business leader. These qualities range from focus to transparency, integrity and high level of experience. When blended with passion, these qualities provide the perfect ingredients for good leader.

One of the few individuals who possess the qualities discussed above is Kenneth Goodgame, Senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer of True Value. Kenneth has all it takes to actualize a business concept and make it count. His vast experience as a business leader has made him a coveted asset whenever he goes.

Since he came to True Value in 2013, a lot of positive and unprecedented things have happened in the company. His docket registered one of the highest sales in the company’s history. This includes over $2.2 billion global purchasing done by him on behalf of the company. Kenneth Goodgame is behind several multi-functional groups charged with creating and implementing a detailed strategic plan for the company. He is also responsible for every marketing segment including the employees working in each division.

Kenneth Goodgame values honesty in his dealings. Since he started his career as a business leader, there has never been any corruption or other forms of controversies linked to him. His great personality is evident all the time.

With the changing business environment today, a leader must be flexible enough to survive. Goodgame has showcased a remarkable flexibility in his career. This is characterized by a series of job shifts he has done in his 30-year old management role. He started as the Chief Manager in Home Depot where he led procurement worth $1.6 billion.

Kenneth left Home Depot for Newell Rubbermaid in 2002 as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. He then moved to Techtronic Industries North America where he was appointed the President of the company’s Direct Tools outlet located in South Carolina. In 2010, he was appointed the General Merchandising Manager at Ace Hardware before moving to True Value in 2013.

His extensive experience gives him an edge over others when it comes to identifying market niches and converting them into quality sales. He continues to enhance True Value’s market presence all over the country.