Fortress Investment Group Leads the World in Portfolio Management.

Being chief in the investment sector, Fortress Investment Group has shown huge dominance in the industry. However, all its achievements have not been accidentally achieved. They have been as a result of a combination of sheer hard work from its employees and also effective operations management by the firm’s leaders.In 1998, Fortress was established by its three founders with an intention to create a unique type of investment firm that would solicit funds from private equity and subsequently invest the fund in cutting-edge capital vehicles that would generate long-term cash flow. With its first headquarter being in New York, Fortress has with time experienced high growth that has led to the establishment of an additional headquarter in San Francisco and other two in Shanghai and Singapore.

The success of Fortress Investment Group can be attributed to some pillars that keep the company unique from other investment management firms. One of these core competencies the effective management that Fortress has for its operations. The company has developed robust instruments that enable it to generate value from its complex investment strategies. The institution has also demonstrated structural, operational and strategic proficiency when it comes to its portfolio management.The other success factor that the firm boasts of is the asset-based nature of its investments. Aside from credit funds and private equity, which happen to be the dominant investment strategies of Fortress Investment Group, it has also diversified its assets to include capital, real estate, and other financial vehicles that generate long-term cash flow.

This is made possible by company’s possession of extensive expertise in financing, owning, pricing and management of both financial and physical assets. Another core competence that keeps propelling Fortress Investment Group is its high proficiency in managing mergers and acquisitions. The personnel of the firm has clear understanding of the same and hence developed firm professional relationships with the key stakeholders of other corporations and their management professionals. This has made it easier for Fortress to engage in both acquisitions and partnerships with other organizations, a factor that has positively impacted on the firms’ growth.

 About Fortress Group

Fortress Investment Group, being a global investment management lion, is a specialist company when it comes to capital markets. The firm has an exclusive proficiency in raising investment funds via equity and debt markets. The firm is also proud to have a long track record of portfolio management, an aspect that has given it extensive institutional investment knowledge in regards to a vast range of industries.

An Insight In Randal Nardone’s Biography

Randal Nardone is a self-made billionaire ranked number 557 in the Forbes within the finance industry with 53 million shares of a net worth of $1.8 billion and 69.6 billion assets.He attended the University of Connecticut and achieved a B.A degree in English and biology, at the Boston University the School of Law where he has attained a Doctor of Jurisprudence. Hislaw career commenced as a partner at Thacher Proffitt and Wood. He worked as a managing director at Union Bank of Switzerland after working at Blackrock Financial.After meeting Wes Edens, he took it upon himself to learn on how he could merge his law knowledge with finance. He together with other four principals including Wes Edens formed Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Fortress Investment Group is a private limited company that mainly deals with:

  • credit funds
  • liquid hedge funds
  • alternative assets in equity.

At Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone familiarized himself with various responsibilities ranging from the director, principal to interim CEO. Randal Nardone being a committed and passionate person, he focused his attention on advising the Fortress Investment Group on legal investment opportunities.He is known to implement well stipulated and formulated strategies that scale great profit margin in the firm. His law career has had him offer best decisions in matters finance and law that has vastly guided the company.Randal Nardone was among the management team that decided Fortune Investment Group would continue to operate independently and invests in what they specialize in, that is, railroads,real estate, hedge funds, credit funds and private equity even after SoftBank Group Corp acquired Fortress Investment Group.He was optimistic that the purchase would strengthen Fortress in terms of future growth and easier access to credit. True to his word, the company made 1.39 billion after the purchase.

The amount was then split based on how many shares each owns in the company. By July 017, the price per share had increased from $5.83 to $7.85.Randal Nardone serves as a board member in various companies. He is a director and principal at Fortress Credit Corporation. He is a non-executive at Alea Group holdings and the chairman and president of Springleaf Financial Holdings.Randal gives and has contributed back to the society by positively impacting people from various backgrounds through creating relationships ranging from domestic and international especially to businesses in the Middle East and Asia because he has had the opportunity to create vast and diverse networks through working with many different companies while at Fortress Investment Group.

Igor Cornelsen Says Tax Friendly Countries Seduce The US

“Tax haven is such a controversial word, even considered questionable or taboo,” says Igor Cornelsen, a leading financial investment guru with Bainbridge Investments. Yet, many of today’s tax avoidance maneuvers are completely legal, and experts claim, the loopholes are not the fault of big corporations. Cornelsen adds, “If you pass laws that are attractive and favorable to corporations, do you think no one will ever try and benefit from them?” and “taking advantage of laws that are advantageous to lowering tax liabilities is exactly what you’d expect from your accounting department.”

For decades, Igor Cornelsen has specialized in investment and finance, and he’s looked for ways clients can diminish tax liabilities, including investing abroad. “Next to Wall Street, the UK continues to be the largest financial center in the world and a cobweb of tax havens,” says Cornelsen on PR Newswire. There is a rule that dates back to the late 19th century and states that UK registered companies are only taxable if control in the country is exercised, and this is naturally exploited. For example, US companies are usually and more than likely ran from their home office in the US, and thus bypass paying hefty tax fees.

Additionally, another colonial British law states foreigners who simply reside in England do not have full British domicile status, and therefore do not pay the same tax. This allows the wealthy to bypass England’s local tax laws.

The mega merger between American-based Pfizer and Ireland-based Allergan offers a significant tax savings with the merged operations consolidating offices over in tax favorable Ireland. This merger creates the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Also Allergan was originally a US company that was taken over by the Irish company Actavis only six months ago. Now US government officials are calling this marriage the ultimate tax evasion. “Europe has been under pressure to lift the veil of secrecy, and no one wants the trouble, so the fight against legalized tax havens typically splits Europe,” says Igor Cornelsen. Today, those tax loopholes remain and the EU has no intention of intervening.

The Authority on Money-making

When Igor Cornelsen moved from his native Brazil to South Florida, he planned on golfing everyday, but sometimes you can’t change old habits. A master of finance and investments, Cornelsen couldn’t stay away from making money, and started a new company – Bainbridge Investments. “Regardless of the criticisms, as you can plainly see with the Pfizer-Allergan deal, tax friendly countries remain a favorable option and nothing is likely to change anytime soon,” says Cornelsen.