Spend A Day At The Office With Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder of the makeup company Lime Crime, and she is rarely found sitting behind a desk in her office. A typical day at the office is a very active one for Doe. She takes a hands-on approach and works with her team instead of sitting on the sidelines while others do all the work. Fans of Lime Crime are in for a treat because they are about to get a glimpse of a typical work day for Doe Deere.

Doe starts her work day off by having a brief meeting with her Creative Director. The meeting consists of them going over projects and coming up with plans to develop new products. She continues her day by meeting with the President and Vice President of her company, and then she attends one more meeting with her COO. The first half of her day consists of meetings because she likes to make sure everyone is on the same page.

The second half of her day is not spent at meetings, but she is still busy working on new ideas for her fans. Doe spends time working on directing visuals to bring her ideas to life. She also teams with her chemist to develop new products in the lab.

Communication is the key to running a successful makeup company. This is why Doe attends daily meetings and works along side a chemist in the lab. The idea is to make sure everyone is working together to create amazing products.

Doe Deere does not spend hours behind a desk responding to email or business calls. She carries her smartphone with her so she can communicate with her clients, which gives her more time to work with her team throughout the day.

A typical day at the office does not always stop at daily meetings and developing new products. Doe insists on trying a new product out on herself as part of the developmental process. She wants to make sure the product is perfect before offering it to her fans. If she does not feel a specific product is good enough for her fans, she will go back to the drawing board until that product is ready to be launched.

Doe Deere is dedicated to creating unique and vibrant shades for her fans. This is why she spends her day attending meetings, working with her team and testing out makeup products.