Tips for Lips

Lip balm isn’t just about ChapStick anymore. Balms have become legitimate beauty products in their own right, and many people treat them as status symbols. This is due in part to the wider awareness of skincare ingredients and what they do. People are no longer content to slap petroleum jelly on their lips. They want to feel like they are treating their lips to a well-rounded cocktail of moisture, antioxidants and nutrients. Anti-aging is often a concern as well.
Petrolatum is not an inherently bad ingredient, as long as it has been properly refined. The problem with using it as a moisturizer is that it simply is not a moisturizer. It has occlusive properties, meaning that it seals in the moisture that is already present on and in your skin. Petrolatum is only effective if you use it in conjunction with moisturizing ingredients. This is how Glossier approached the formulation of its cult-favorite Balm Dot Com. This rich balm contains castor oil, beeswax and lanolin in a glossy petrolatum base. Fans of this balm love how thick and soothing it is. The brand recently launched new versions of the balm in different flavors and tints.

Fresh’s Sugar balm is another ulta-popular high-end lip moisturizer. It’s petrolatum-free, and the tinted ones wear like sheer lipsticks. It is considered the best prestige lip balm because of its effectiveness and the fact that it contains SPF. Nuxe’s Reve de Miel is the high-end lip balm for people who want to stay as natural as possible. It contains honey and several natural skin-loving oils.

If you want a more affordable natural option, stick with tried-and-true Evolution of Smooth, or EOS. These balms are enclosed in EOS’ signature sphere in colors that roughly correspond with the flavors inside. See,

EOS gives you the benefits of an all-natural formulation without drawing “crunchy” associations like other natural brands do. The original classic balms contain coconut, jojoba and olive oils, to name just a few. EOS also makes balms that contain SPF, shimmery tints and extra-rich moisture for particularly chapped lips. Find these products on supermarkets like Walmart and on ULTA online.

Whichever balm you choose, make sure you read the ingredients so you can treat your lips to the moisture they need. Lips deflate and crease as we age; it pays to keep them soft and plump!

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