OSI Food Solutions: Local and international expansion

OSI Food Solutions food company has been expanding its presence locally and internationally. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company has been trying as much as possible to bring to order its operations in different countries. It is trying to win as many customers as possible in different regions around the world. Even as they do this, they are keen on expanding their operations in areas they already dominate such as in the local market in the United States. The company is aiming ta selling more goods to their clients in North America and Europe. These are some of the places where the consumption of processed foods is high.

Local expansion

OSI Food Solutions is doing great work in expanding its food business in North America. Due to the increase in demand for processed foods, the company has acquired a production plant that was previously owned by Tyson Foods. This plant measures about 200,000 square feet, and it is one of the largest in the country. The purchase of this company will help the company to come up with solutions that will work in terms of taking more food products to the people. When looking at the impact of this acquisition, it will enable OSI to supply more food products in the local market.

International Expansion

The international expansion of OSI Food Solutions is something that is currently going on. Despite being in 17 countries, OSI Food Solutions still wants more. The leadership of the company is still doing very well in the industry, and we are likely to see a lot more happening in terms of growth. In recent years, the focus has been on Europe. This company is trying as much as possible to take over the European market as can be seen in the recent acquisitions as well as the expansion of one of its plant.

Baho Food

Baho Food is a Dutch food company that has been acquired by OSI to expand its operation in these countries where it has some influence. It is an established company that will definitely assist OSI to accomplish its mission of gaining customers from the market controlled by Baho Foods.

Flagship Europe

The UK based food company was recently renamed Creative Foods so that it could get a more inspiring name. Just as with Baho, the reason for the acquisition was to build a business relationship that would be of mutual benefit to both companies.

Why Waiakea Water is the Most Popular Water Brand

The greatest advice from the big minds when starting a business is to focus on creating a quality product instead of something that fascinates the market. A quality product naturally gains the popularity that it needs at the long-run. A year ago, someone would have laughed when they heard that someone was investing all their savings to begin a bottled water company. Why sell something that everyone can get for free? Well, the same business today is worth 100 billion worldwide.


When you walk into your grocery today, there a variety brands of bottled water you can choose from for your shopping. What influences your choice? This is where the concern of every bottled company lies. They need to see that they win the biggest number of consumers. Every firm has invested in seeing that their products remain at the top. For the Waiakea Company, they have been able to pull consumers on their side without much struggle.


To start with Waiakea Water is a very refreshing water brand with a balanced pH. It is manufactured in Hawaii, something that many individuals love as they associate Hawaii with natural products. The other thing that the consumers of the Waiakea water flaunt is the fact that it is pure volcanic water.

Well, forget about the tasty nature of the Waiakea Water. There are other factors as to why many people are drinking the water. You see, years ago before the introduction of the bottled water, the environment used to be clean. The beaches were beautiful and served as great places to rest and relax after a long time working. This beauty has been damaged by the million water bottles lying on them.


The problem is, the current water bottle does not decompose, and man individuals lack the discipline of disposing of the bottles in the right places. Fortunately, the Waiakea Water brand has addressed this issue through the introduction of the decomposable water bottles. The company is set to introduce a plastic bottle that will only take 15 years maximum to decay. This is a major boost to the future life of the environment. We can only hope that other companies will emulate the Waiakea Water Bottle Company.



The Story Of The Rise OSI Group

The Illinois Startup

OSI started out as a family deli operating out of Aurora Illinois. Like the rest of the businesses found in that suburb of Chicago, the business was started by an immigrant looking for a way to make life better for himself. Otto Kolschowsky was so successful he needed the help of his sons to run the business. At that point OSI was known as Otto and Sons, but it would soon undergo yet another name change.

A Family Business Goes Corporate

A pivotal moment in the history of OSI was the introduction of cryogenics. Previously, most meat suppliers had to keep a fresh supply of meat at all times in order to meet the demand of their clients. When OSI Group introduced technology that would allow it to preserve meat for a prolonged period of time, it was absolutely certain to take over the the meat processing industry. Soon, fast food franchises from across America wanted OSI Group as their main meat supplier. As these companies grew into international empires, OSI followed them and scaled up operations to meet the demands of the world.

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The World’s Meat Supply

As an internationally recognized organization, OSI Group has changed its business model dramatically from its original design. In order to accommodate the demands of various countries around the world, OSI has purchased a number of smaller regional meat processors to provide the goods and services it needs in each specific area. For example, in Scandinavia OSI Group has purchased Baho Foods in order to supply various franchises within northern Europe. These people have a taste for specific foods, and no one is better prepared to give them what they want than companies already in place. Such quick thinking has made OSI Group one of the most prosperous companies in America.

The American Dream Fulfilled

Although OSI Group is an international corporation, it is a truly American company. Founded by immigrants more than 100 years ago it has grown into one of the largest and most powerful privately owned companies today. It has generated more than $6 billion in revenue and continues to grow. This success isn’t reserved only for a wealthy few either. OSI Group looks after its employees and makes they understand they are part of what makes OSI the company it is today. Starting from the ground up and growing is what makes the American Dream possible.

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