In Need of Financial Solutions? Look No Further Than Southridge Capital LLC

Southridge Investment Group is a financial solution company based in Connecticut, United States. Southridge Investment group is a private equity firm that provides investment banking and securities brokerage services since 1996. They offer innovative financial help to the public companies. The company has helped grow many companies globally, so they have the skills and expertise required to deal with new clients. The company offers advisory services like balance sheet optimization, financial analysis, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, mergers and acquisitions and legal settlement services. Their services also include the structured finance issues like securitization, credit enhancing, and financing solutions. The number of employees is between 11 and 50, and they have an understanding of the market and execute financing plans for the client without fail. The management is made up of five people. Stephen M. Hicks is the founder and CEO while the Controller is Narine Persaud. The other posts are of the Director of Research, General Counsel, and a member of the portfolio management team.

Southridge does not focus on making profit only but also in developing communities. They promote volunteer work, community leadership, and giving back to the community. They also help non-profit organizations and faith-based charities nationwide. Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary have a foundation called Daystar Foundation that supports several charitable organizations. The CEO of Southridge capital believes that supporting essential causes is not only a personal mission that he finds incredibly fulfilling but also a corporate and social responsibility. They hope to make a significant impact in the lives of people and offer an example of what giving back can accomplish.

Southridge capital is not left behind when it comes to technology. They invest in clients that appreciate innovation and invention in technology. They also understand the need of influencing the digital market. They are active on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. They manage their own blog where they give their clients and the public updates of what they are doing or planning to do. You should consider Southridge capital when looking for financial solutions. Check out to know more.

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Reports of Stellar Earnings for the Fourth Quarter of 2015

In an article by PRN News, the Dallas-based financial services company NexBank, reports that they had a great year in 2015, and closed out their fourth quarter particularly strong. That makes 2015 the fourth consecutive year that NexBank has been able to set and break records in their earnings. Their overall income seems to just continues to climb higher and higher year-after-year. According to the article, “The Company reported total assets of $2.72 billion at year-end, a 48% growth over the prior year. Total loans increased 42% in 2015 to $1.97 billion, and total deposits grew 32% year-over-year and reached $1.88 billion”.

NexBank offers a full variety of banking and financial services which include personal banking, mortgages, commercial banking, and investment banking, just to name a few. Of course, they also offer the convenience of online banking for their customers at no additional charge, an industry standard these days.

NexBank has been providing valuable and essential banking services since their first charter bank in 1922. They say that it is their mission is that “Through industry leadership and a commitment to our clients, NexBank strives to deliver uncommon value at every opportunity. We provide our clients unrivaled access to sophisticated and custom-tailored solutions delivered by experienced professionals with proven track records of success”. They are led by an executive team, as well as, a board of directors. The executive team is made up of six members, led by the President and chief operational officer, John Holt. There are seven members of the board of directors wich is led by the chairman, James Dondero. James is also the co-founder and driector of Highland Capital Management.

For more information about NexBank, their products, or their qualified leadership team, you can visit There, you can also sign up for an account or contact the company.


Brian Bonar Wins Executive of the Year Award

Financial and business services executive, Brian Bonar, honored as Executive of the Year by the Cambridge Who’s Who® registry. Bonar was recognized for his accomplishments, leadership abilities, and impressive record of giving back to the community in the financial sector. “I am truly honored and would like to thank the Cambridge Who’s Who for this recognition,” said Bonar.

Each year the competition is intense and Cambridge Who’s Who bestows the Executive of the Year Award upon an individual whose contributions and accomplishments have had an impact in their field and has stood out during the year. Since 1975, Cambridge Who’s Who has honored top executives and has more than 250,000 inductees on their registry. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Award recipient, Brian Bonar built his career as an employer business solutions professional. He founded Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. in 2009, turning it into the area’s most respected staffing company’s, and over the past seven years, Brian Bonar has delivered on employer solution strategies for major corporations and brands. “Brian Bonar possess what is unquestionably pivotal qualities an effective leader must retain – vision, and clear communication that is convincingly consistent,” and “His achievements inspire everyone to strive for success,” said one associate.

Brian Bonar has been a successful finance professional for decades, and has held key financial leadership roles in the industry. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering, and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, Bonar accepted his first role with IBM as a procurement manager, successfully using his superb analytical skills,and managing the job as primary point of contact between the business and its suppliers. Read more: TREP Brian Bonar Insider Trades for Trucept Inc.

Bonar continued to move forward and proved his leadership capabilities at QMS as the Director of Engineering. From there, he was promoted to President of Marketing and Sales at Rastek Corporation. Succession up the ladder moved Bonar to new challenges at Adaptec, Itec Imaging Technologies, and Allegiant Professional Business Services.

Today, Brian Bonar is Chairman and CEO at Trucept, Inc, Delrada Financial Services, and Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc., serving as a rare example of commitment and a devotee of performance and triumph.

About Delrada Financial Services

Delrada is a leading staffing service that helps clients diminish the juggling by providing employee solution programs that help to improve efficiency, such as reduced costs, streamlined processes, overall increased profits.

About Smart-Tek Automated Services

Smart-Tek Automated Services is a leading IT employee staffing firm serving a wide range of small to mid-sized businesses, and is ranked as a top agency in back office solutions. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor