The Madison Street Capital Company’s New Managing Director- Lawrence Alioto

The Madison Street Capital firm is an international financial institution that deals with investment banking. The company recently announced of its new managing director, Lawrence Alioto who will be handling the team on its Capital Markets. His responsibility in this position will entail advising the company’s customers on financial transactions and technology in the area of merger and acquisition. The CEO of the company, Charles Botchway stated that Madison Street Capital firm was glad to have Lawrence joining the team as the business needed someone who had expertise in the area of technology.


About Lawrence Alioto’s Earlier Career


Alioto started his career as an options trader and currency futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He would then work at the PaineWebber Company located in San Francisco where he served as a registered representative before moving to another entity. Alioto moved to the private financial institution in the late 1990s where his roles involved business development in the technology sector. He again moved to VeriTainer Corporation where he worked from the 2004-2013 and was among the founding principles of the company and later serving as the company’s president.


Further, Lawrence Alioto’s work since 2013 has been on the financing and development of a wide range of business ideas that ranged in different aspects. Again, his business interests were of disciplines that included efficient energy technologies, significant medical devices, and film production. What’s more, Alioto also has a membership at the Kaizen Oil Corp where he still serves in the management team. The Kaizen Oil Corp deals with providing the recovery solution for enhanced oil and operates within the asset acquisition strategies.


Moreover, Alioto’s skills will be an added advantage to the firm as he is knowledgeable of various parameters in the business, which will again boost the Madison Street Capital reputation. This includes his work experience in government affairs, business development, finance, and corporate development among other skills. Also, upon joining the team during his induction, Lawrence Alioto stated he was very excited to have joined the company and would be glad to participate in achieving the firm’s objectives and added that the sector always poses various unique challenges.


About the Madison Street Capital Company


The Madison Street Capital firm provides a range of services in various areas of financial investments where the facilities include valuation matters, financial opinions, and merger acquisition among others. The services that the company offers to their clients are designed to propel their businesses into positions that they can be able to excel on an international level. Madison Street Capital again regards the upcoming corporates as the main driving force behind the high standard growth in the assets of the global markets. Besides, the firm’s performance in 2015 was higher than in 2014 where it closed with 42 deals as compared to 32 transactions recorded in 2014.


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Paul Mampilly gives his insight about cryptocurrency

Paul Mampilly recently published an article about the investment woes of the cryptocurrency bubble. This is not the first time that Paul has predicted a crash of the market caused by an economic bubble. The 2001 crash of the market was something that he foresaw and tried to warn some of his friends that had immersed profits up to six figures, but it was all in vain. Visit to know more. Finally, when the market came to its knees, Paul and his analyses stood out to be accurate and factual. Similarly, his critiques about the bitcoin market have not been welcome as Paul Mampilly has received emails from other investors accusing him that he feels bitter about missing in on investing on cryptocurrencies and that’s why he is so cynical about the investment venture. However, Paul Mampilly is not one to be petty and has clearly outlined acts to support his opinion that this is another economic bubble that is a dead end for investors similar to 1999. Just like in 1999 when the stocks went up with insane figures such as 1,000percent, a similar situation is happening in the world of cryptocurrency with coins such as Etherium going up by 13,000percent just in the year 2017 alone. Bitcoin is among the most popular of all cryptocurrencies and is now valued at over $19,000 having been launched as a form of exchange and equitable pay among peers in 2008. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly. Bitcoin was then spurred into growth by a growth of interest in the coin and subsequently the recognition of it as a currency, and a mode f payment also grew. By the year 2017, countries such as Japan had passed bills that required organizations to use bitcoins as a legal form of currency and Russia was also on the verge of imposing the same. Clearly, the trading, buying, and selling of cryptocurrency have outweighed the actual functional value of the coin, and this is a real sign of an economic bubble just waiting to burst, and investors will suffer loses in the end. Also, Paul looks on the other side of the coin and points out that the technology underlying the cryptocurrencies is quite phenomenal and may revolutionize many of the aspects of the market in the years to come. Paul firmly states that the blockchain technology employed may change forms of transactions used in the real estate and also making the process of lending and borrowing across the world a simple one.