QNET and Women Entrepreneurs do Business Together

Opportunities seem boundless in the modern age. The Internet can take a great deal of responsibility for this, giving the individual the ability to reach out to customers, clients and partners all over the world. This allows them to solidify the foundation for a business, the opportunity to grow, and a chance to develop in ways that may not have been possible through other avenues. But even with the resources made available, not everyone can make it on their own. For those looking for a business partnership, an entrepreneur can find their way to success through QNET as their other employees have (Glassdoor page).

Being an entrepreneur is a dream many aspire to. Working for oneself, the entrepreneur can separate from traditional fixed-income employment and set their own working hours as they best align with their personal lives, increase revenue through intrepid innovation of their business, and dedicate their working energy towards something that they find they’re passionate about. To help them along the way. QNET has extended partnerships to women, a growing demographic among entrepreneurial ventures.Coinciding with International Women’s Day, QNET unveiled their initiative to partner up with more women working independently in businesses. Through this initiative, QNET seeks to offer up necessary business tools to women through a cooperative effort they could then apply to their own business ventures in the future.

QNET has long championed an effort to have a diverse work environment that seeks to make its workforce equal among genders. This is best represented among their direct sellers who, according to the Direct Selling Association, is 74% women. The direct selling component is instrumental to QNET’s operations. In fact, their MENA Regional General Manager, Khaled Diab, has stated that the make up of this department has led to their success in the MENA region.

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Women playing a central role in QNET’s business is beneficial, both from a visual perspective to the general public, appearing more modern and egalitarian, and from an economic perspective, there’s also a benefit to these kinds of partnerships that benefit all. The United States Agency of International Development, has numbers on countries with exclusionary economies, where women are often kept from educational opportunities and access to work leads to a sluggish economy that is not globally competitive. What the USAID recommends is to make opportunity something that is accessible to all, particularly to women and young girls. And it’s through that effort that countries can be made prosperous, an assessment QNET has agreed with and seeks to further, through their company and partnerships.

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Posted by QNET (Official) on Monday, March 7, 2016

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