Beneful Dog Food Contains Ingredients Dogs Can’t Wait to Talk About!

The first commercial features an adorable Corgi named Einstein who “talks” throughout the commercial. His human companion discusses the benefits of Beneful dog food, one of which being that beef is the main ingredient. According to Einstein, the “beef is fantastic!” Beneful dog food gives Einstein, a very active dog, enough energy to feel as if he can catch flying birds. Einstein loves Beneful dog food because it is made up of beef, grain, and vegetables. Because Einstein knew he was going to an important interview, he even wore his “power tie!”

The second commercial is for Beneful Grain Free, with a dog discussing the product while gardening with her human. If you’re wondering what’s in Grain Free Beneful, this pup has the answer! She says though she can’t read the bag, she thinks it probably says “Yummy Ingredients!” Her owner answers the question though: farm-raised chicken is one of the main ingredients!