Precision with incision. One of Dallas’s top plastic surgeons.

One of Texas’s best plastic surgeons resides his work right in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has over ten years of experience and his persistently great reviews proceeds his high rankings. He is among the few selected top plastic surgeons belonging to the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He is also associated with a handful of local hospitals. Most of Dr.Jejurikar’s work is centered on the procedures of the body, breast, face, eyes, and nose.

Dr. Jejurikar prides himself on his work and his professional relationships with his clients. Getting to know his client’s characteristics gives him a comprehensive perspective to help achieve his client’s vision. The staff at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is very like-minded in thier approach to giving clients exactly what they desire. At this Institute Dr. Jejurikar can go above and beyond his client’s expectations with the services offered.

At Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute Dr. Jejurikar clients have access to hotel recovery rooms where they are assisted by a nurse. They also recieve access to a web portal to further educate them on their upcoming procedure. Dr. Jejurikar use the newest innovations and advance technologies for his work. Client’s work with him to achieve thier ideal look using 3D imaging. With 3D imaging technology they can sculpt and craft a personalized view of what they will look like. There is no gender bias as male clients can also partake in specific procedures such as permanent hair restoration and gynecomastia.

Dr.Jejurikar is passionately growing in his expertise. He provides the most current and popular of procedures with his meticulous attention to detail. He serves to give his clients exactly what they envision for themselves.