The Mighty Fortress Church Opens its Doors to All

The Mighty Fortress Church of Minneapolis is a non-denominational congregation focused on bringing everyone closer to Christ through the words of God. The congregation is young, active, and involved, with a strong belief that faith and religion reach into all aspects of our lives. With almost daily activities that include everything from bible study to lifestyle training and lessons to regular worship schedules, the Mighty Fortress Church has something to offer every interested congregant. Read more on

The Mighty Fortress Church sees its mission as empowering people that are filled with the Spirit of Christ to go out into the world and share their faith, but also live their faith. Not only should congregants be filled with faith to live and lead their best lives, but they should be called to help others find the ability to do the same. The church serves a local congregation, as well as an international one, both spiritually and financially. Through ministry services that are accepting and inviting, Mighty Fortress is best able to do its work and truly live the faith in a way that speaks to and attracts people.


Pastor Thomas Williams is the senior pastor at the church and responsible for many of the empowering services and ministries that are provided to the congregation. Through a well formed and supported foundation, Williams is able to provide several types of services, support, and access to members of the church. William’s belief in a multidimensional and open service is largely responsible for the growth and engagement that has taken place over the past couple years. The pastor’s style of teaching speaks volumes to his congregation, both inspiring and calling them to lead a more faith filled life, driven by the words of the Bible. Most important, his message is open to all willing to listen, entirely unassuming and non-judgemental. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.