Eric Lefkofsky, one of the Men behind existence of Tempus

In the modern society, there are things that happen, which make humans work harder to make greater achievements. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the people who have been compelled to work extra hard after dire life encounters. The 48 years old co-founder of Tempus had to do something after his dear wife was diagnosed with cancer. And so, his great effort contributed positively toward the finding of Tempus.

Major Accomplishments

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and the previous CEO of Tempus; the company responsible for the development of the operating system used by the modern health facilities to battle cancer. He did not stop at contributing toward the launch of Tempus; Eric has gone ahead to contribute millions of dollars that have been used to initiate research about cancer and its possible control measures.

His Philanthropic Work

During his career as the CEO of the Tempus, Eric managed to work closely with the doctors by ensuring that they relied on accurate data while making decisions on how best to handle various cancer patients. In 2015, the Lefkofsky donated 1 million dollars toward the construction of Comprehensive Centre of Northwestern University. This was to make sure that many patients are assisted with the infections. To the Stanford University, the Lefkofsky donated nearly five hundred Million Dollars toward the funding of Cancer Research team. In the same month, the University of Michigan received 1.2 million again for another research on cancer.


One of the major problems that Tempus had to struggle with involved how information about patients was generated and stored. Initially, such information was kept in the form of physically written notes. Since that kind of information was hard to analyze, Tempus came up with a database which composed of natural language processing so that client records could be easily retrieved hence managing their health record in a much easier way.

Eric together with his team works hard to ensure that cancer is put under human control. Since the finding of Tempus, many cancer patients have been able to receive amazing health care services courtesy of Eric’s tireless effort.

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