Felipe Montoro Jens reports on progression of PPPs

This year’s annual Inter-American Development Bank meeting took place on March 24th in Mendoza, Argentina. Reporting from Mendoza, Argentina is Felipe Montoro Jens the infrastructure specialist and reporter. Since the federal law, passed in December 2004 Brazilian federal government has implemented more Public-private partnerships. This law dictates the rules that govern the formation of public-private partnerships. Felipe Montoro Jens has reported on any developments regarding infrastructure. Initially, many public, private partnerships had been in place and increased drastically early on after the law passed. This year’s meeting was to discuss the various obstacles that are slowing the progress of the implementation of public, private partnerships for infrastructure projects. Read this article at odiario.com about Felipe Montoro Jens

Both the Minister of planning development in management and the president of the Inter-American Development Bank were in attendance at this year’s meeting, Dyogo Oliveira and Luis Alberto Moreno respectively. Oliveira raised many concerns over infrastructure progress, referencing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in its heavy dependence on the completion of infrastructure projects. Oliveira did acknowledge, the fact that the IDB has already loaned $12.9 billion to the Brazilian government. Luis Caputo, the minister of Finance and chairman of the board was also at the meeting this year. Luis and Oliveira agreed that there need to program in place to entice more investment from the private sector.

Luis Alberto Moreno, the president of the Inter-American Development Bank was concerned with the connectivity between the different countries in South America? As a result of the lack of investment from the private sector mini road construction projects have not moved forward. Felipe Montoro Jens has reported on mini roadwork construction projects, that involves both public and private players. There are plans to repave at 800 kilometer stretch of road as part of an investment from the Brazilian government that Felipe reported on earlier this year. Irene Garrido, who is the Secretary of State for the economy in business support was at the meeting also. Garrido projected the initial investments would go to Brazil first as it is the biggest economy, in South America.

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Why Waiakea Water is the Most Popular Water Brand

The greatest advice from the big minds when starting a business is to focus on creating a quality product instead of something that fascinates the market. A quality product naturally gains the popularity that it needs at the long-run. A year ago, someone would have laughed when they heard that someone was investing all their savings to begin a bottled water company. Why sell something that everyone can get for free? Well, the same business today is worth 100 billion worldwide.


When you walk into your grocery today, there a variety brands of bottled water you can choose from for your shopping. What influences your choice? This is where the concern of every bottled company lies. They need to see that they win the biggest number of consumers. Every firm has invested in seeing that their products remain at the top. For the Waiakea Company, they have been able to pull consumers on their side without much struggle.


To start with Waiakea Water is a very refreshing water brand with a balanced pH. It is manufactured in Hawaii, something that many individuals love as they associate Hawaii with natural products. The other thing that the consumers of the Waiakea water flaunt is the fact that it is pure volcanic water.

Well, forget about the tasty nature of the Waiakea Water. There are other factors as to why many people are drinking the water. You see, years ago before the introduction of the bottled water, the environment used to be clean. The beaches were beautiful and served as great places to rest and relax after a long time working. This beauty has been damaged by the million water bottles lying on them.


The problem is, the current water bottle does not decompose, and man individuals lack the discipline of disposing of the bottles in the right places. Fortunately, the Waiakea Water brand has addressed this issue through the introduction of the decomposable water bottles. The company is set to introduce a plastic bottle that will only take 15 years maximum to decay. This is a major boost to the future life of the environment. We can only hope that other companies will emulate the Waiakea Water Bottle Company.



Jeunesse: High-quality Products

On September 9, 2009, at exactly 9:00 pm, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis came out of their retirement and started the Jeunesse company. The number nine is represented throughout Jeunesse representing the founder’s hopes to constantly survive and somehow thrive.

With previous successes in other business endeavors, both Ray and Lewis had the expertise and knowledge required to operate a thriving company. The company’s main products include revolutionary enhancements and related health supplements. Moreover, Jeunesse sought to use an efficient system of compensating and selling for businesses across the globe. The result was a technology that provided innovation, support, and training all bundled into one software.

Currently, the company has thousands of workers across the globe trying to narrate its story. Jeunesse is dedicated to ensuring every individual reaches their maximum potential whether, it be their race, rank, social position, or income.

There are various products which provide moisturizing and hydrating to the skin; however, the NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation is different from all other products because it works to combat the dust and oil. The product was recently sponsored by the Youtuber, Duyen, who also created a step-by-step video on applying it for maximum effect.

NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation is enhanced with the new and limited APT-200 (TM), delivering a systematic and trivial coverage. Many people have claimed that the product has helped them show their “best” face to the world. Additionally, the product creates a soothing and soft skin, which is parallel to no other product in the market.

NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation also highlights the initial primer creating a face that doesn’t look heavily done with makeup. Recommended by numerous magazines and beauty gurus, the NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation is a product that is desired by women all across the globe.

More recently, a Youtuber and Instagram influencer, tested many Jeunesse products to see if they were worth buying. Throughout her video, the influencer consistently bragged about the numerous high-quality products Jeunesse provided and was convinced about making Jeunesse products part of her day-to-day life.


Anthony Petrello- CEO Nabors Industries:

*A Closer look at Anthony Petrello:

Anthony Petrello is currently the CEO of Nabors Industries. Mr. Petrello has held this position with Nabors Industries for six years. Prior to his CEO status with the company, Anthony Petrello was the President of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is based out of Hamilton Bermuda. The organization is essentially an gas operation which is currently expanding within the Middle East. Anthony Petrello has a reputation for being a savvy and no nonsense businessman.

Previously, Anthony Petrello was a partner at a law firm called Baker & Mc Kenzie. Mr. Petrello held the position at the law firm for approximately 12 years. Anthony Petrello was a managing partner at Baker & Mc Kenzie’s New York City office. During his tenure with Baker & Mc Kenzie, Petrello managed to build an excellent reputation for being a hard worker and devoted colleague.

In late 2011, Anthony Petrello assumed an additional responsibility when he took on a position as Director at an organization called Stewart & Stevenson. In addition, for a short time Petrello also held a position as Director with a company called Media on Demand.

Anthony Petrello currently sits on the Board of Directors at Texas Children’s Hospital. Mr. Petrello has been involved with various children’s causes most of his adult life. His position at Children’s Hospital gives Anthony Petrello an opportunity to contribute and give back to the community.

Anthony Petrello has an JD Degree from the prestigious Harvard Law School. In addition, he has an MS Degree in Mathematics from Yale University. Without a doubt Anthony Petrello has some impressive education credentials. Petrello has returned to his former law school to perform speaking engagements to undergraduate students. He has also addressed several graduating classes at both Harvard and Yale University.

Several articles have been published about Nabors Industries in magazines such as National Geographic. National Geographic has published detailed articles about Nabors drilling operations within other countries. In addition, Anthony Petrello has been featured a number of times on CNBC Business as well as Bloomberg.

Anthony Petrello is a man that enjoys a real challange. Therefore, it is anyone’s guess how far his talents will ultimately take this ambitious businessman within the future.

Learn More: www.nabors.com/about-nabors/leadership-team

Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002, and is home based in Indianapolis, Indiana. This company that specializes in non purpose shareholder financing, along with corporate financing alternatives. They have grown tremendously in the last fifteen years, becoming a global entity. There are offices in New York City, the United Kingdom, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Equities First most recent acquisition is Meridian Equity Partners. To know more click here.

Al Christy Jr. is the executive Chairman, and the man who founded Equities First Holdings. Having started his career in his early days as a minor league baseball player, he quickly became interested in the financial industry, becoming very successful at it, creating Diversified Financial Group in 1998, then focusing full time on Equities First Holdings in 2004.

The Inspiring Career Life of Mathew Autterson

Mathew Autterson is a revered professional who served the finance sector for more than two and a half decades. He was once appointed to be the president of one of the United States’ leading state-chartered financial institutions. Autterson was awarded a B.A in finance from the Michigan State University in 1980. He also attended a graduate tax program at the University of Denver.


Matthew Autterson started his career by serving as the First Trust Corporation, which was a branch of Fiserv. In 1982, he was selected to part of a small group of professionals that was in charge of a Corolado State chartered trust enterprise. The company was a branch of the Integrated Resources, Inc., which is a firm that has specialized in financial services and is based in New York. In 1986, the Resource Trust Company appointed Mathew to serve as its president. The ownership of the firm and Integrated Resource’s assets were transferred to Broad Inc, which was later renamed SunAmerica, Inc. AIG bought SunAmerica in an $18 billion deal.


AIG sold Resources Trust Company to Fiserv in May 2001. Before the acquisition, Resources Trust Company was regarded as one of the United States’ leading state-chartered depository enterprises that were insured by the FDIC. The firm specialized in offering custodial and depository solutions and served over 200,000 clients. Its customers were referred by approximately 15,000 licensed financial experts. Resource Trust Company had hired more than 700 employees, had $20 billion in custodial assets, and deposits that added up to $1 billion.


Mathew Autterson currently serves of Falci Adaptive Biosystems where he sits on the board of directors. He has been conducting his charitable undertakings through the firm. Falci Adaptive Biosystems is a foundation that supports individuals who have neuromotor disabilities to be able to control their environment. Autterson also serves as board member of institutions such as Denver Zoological Foundation, the Webb-Waring Foundation, and the Denver Zoo. He was once made the chairman of Denver Hospice’s board of directors. Other organizations that Mathew has been part of include World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization.


Autterson currently works at CNS Bioscience, Inc. where he is the president, CEO, and a member of its board. The firm was created by Scott Falci in 2013, and he is its managing director. CNS Bioscience is a growing research company that has specialized in developing clinical-stage drugs for treating neuropathic pain and many other conditions.


Todd Lubar Shakes the Money Tree Readily when it Comes to Business Accumen

Todd Lubar is, as of late, serving in the role of President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He serves, too, in the capacity of the Sr. Vice-President of Legendary Investments.


Mr. Lubar, learned, early on, that what he liked most was linked to the mortgage industry. He began his professional work life in attaining a position at Crestar Mortgage Corporation.


Todd was able to increase sales volume significantly at the Legacy Financial location in Maryland. His volume was several 100 million dollars, per annum.


He additionally held the Senior V.P. President post at Charter Funding. Todd continued his objective of assisting persons who truly needed a mortgage loan.


In all of the preceding lending environments, Todd was financially healthy: He brought much to the company, in the way of providing a great approach in developing professional rapports with many business people: a rapport which proved quite assistive in his attaining true success as a loan professional. At one point, in his sales career, Todd Lubar, was recognized as one of the Best Mortgage Originators in the Nation.


Another area, of Real Estate that interested Lubar was the Rehab business: He went into the business of rehabbing houses. In this profitable profession, Todd was quite adroit at buying fixer-uppers, finding the right contractor for the job, and turning the property over in a most timely manner.


He appears very skilled in way of financial negotiations. Part of his success mechanism is that Lubar truly likes what he does for a living or whatever activity he decides to indulge.


In his spare time he enjoys recreational opportunities at his east-coast residence. Todd is open-minded though, because he mentions he appreciates the sunny life-style, pertinent to Southern, California: and who is to blame him? East coast winters can prove a bit grueling. Regardless, Todd likes spending his time on the East Coast too. He enjoys family time and believes putting his best foot forward as it pertains to any given situation.