The Success of Sunday Riley and Her Brand Named After Her

Sunday Riley is a beauty brand established in 2007 and launched in September 2009 by none other than Sunday Riley herself, who used her own name to represent the brand. During the first two years, her products were thoroughly tested 24/7 in a laboratory to create the best beauty products available. Sunday Riley, an entrepreneur hailing from the Lone Star State, has been obsessed with healthy skincare products since she was 12 years old. Not to mention, her grandmother spent several years teaching her how to apply native American botanicals to her skin. This includes regeneration, detoxification, and healing. Also, her grandmother taught her the secret of agelessness! As a result, she decided to build her own beauty brand relying on her own experience in the beauty field and from the lessons she learned as a young woman.

Sunday Riley believes that there isn’t anything better for the skin than a good mix of botanicals and biotechnology. In fact, that’s what inspired Sunday Riley to turn modern skincare into a modern luxury for women. On that note, that’s why she spent so much time testing ingredients, the formula had to be perfect and the quality had to be the best. Now she has her own store in NYC and business is booming. Especially after the success, she had with Good Genes, Power Couple, Tidal and several other top-selling products. There’s no doubt it, people love Sunday Riley, you can find her on any social media outlet and see for yourself how much praises she gets for her beauty products, it’s quite inspirational none the less! Furthermore, she built a strong reputation through her superior brand. People are excited to try her products for themselves, then after a pleasant experience, they quickly tell their friends & family. According to Sunday, this is what allowed her brand to become successful. It’s all about word of mouth when you create something people love and enjoy, they tell everybody about it!

In conclusion, Sunday Riley is more than the brand founder, she’s also the brand formulator as well! Not to mention, each Sunday Riley product is a powerful treatment that’s been improved to target the quality of the skincare. This includes signs of old aging, oiliness, dryness, dehydration, & acne. On that note, when it comes to healthy skincare, only powerful and balanced products will give you the results you desire.