Bustle’s Emily McClure Tests Out WEN by Chaz

WEN by Chaz has received numerous success over the years for numerous reasons. Having come up with a wide range of products, their newest Cleansing Conditioners are some of the most unique products on their market. They are filled with all the right ingredients to help provide the hair with guiding and healing molecules without the harmful chemicals that can damage your hair follicles. It’s wise to be careful with what you do and use on your hair. The most interesting thing that you need to remember is the fact that WEN by Chaz is a reliable brand, and Emily Mcclure wanted to give it an honest shot so she can see what it could do.

Emily bought the Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner from Amazon. The product focused primarily on adding more moisture and volume to the hair. She noticed that her hair did get plenty of volume in just three short days. She did experience a slight bit of annoying hair grease occasionally after several hours, but this is only because it gives the hair that extra shine very quickly, and it could give the hard hair the lusciousness it really needs. The truth is that Wen by Chaz is an amazing company, and the only side effects that you may experience could only be felt by your specific hair, so her experience will probably be different from yours.

The best part about WEN by Chaz is that it’s a reliable brand that provides real solutions. The company has always offered unique products on the Sephora cosmetics market that are meant to help the hair with seeing more shine and fluff, alongside intense additional volume for size. It’s a company that is reliable and filled with immense ingredients. Emily explained that the product does have its flaws, but it definitely is a well respected company providing quality products.

To know more about Wen, visit http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html.

Growing YouTube Celebrities

Wengie is the name of one of the most subscribed to beauty and fashion YouTube channels in Australia. In fact, this channel has around one million subscribers and tens of millions of accumulative views throughout its existence on YouTube. The mastermind behind this operation is Australian born Wendy Huang. She is of Chinese descent herself and caters most of her YouTube videos for an audience of Asian descent. The primary focus of the videos on the Wengie channel include how to videos that teach viewers a multitude of tasks regarding fashion and beauty.

Wengie is also successful on other YouTube channels such as the Life of Wengie advice and vlog channel as well as the Wengie Official music and dance channel. Combined these two channels have over sixty thousand subscribers. These are off shoot channels of her main Wengie channel but are still impressively successful as subscribers get to see different sides of Wengie’s personality and life style. In addition, Wengie also offers services to help people grow their social media presence on YouTube as well as Instagram where she has much success as well.

There are many people who have made it YouTube famous by getting large amounts, even millions of subscribers in some cases. These YouTube celebrities can be seen in all types of niches from fitness to comedy and much more. This phenomenon of YouTube celebrities is a fairly new one as YouTube continues to become one of the most used and viewed websites in the world. Billions of people use YouTube each year and billions of searches are entered into this platform. It is a very enticing website as the accounts are completely free and offer users a great way to showcase anything they want. From advice to entertainment and anything in between, users have complete freedom as long as it doesn’t violate some of YouTube’s policies. Some people, such as Wengie, have even been able to create successful brands or businesses out of YouTube and the large amounts of subscribers that enjoy their content. This trend will seemingly continue to grow as YouTube itself grows.