Alex Pall Branding the Chainsmokers

Ever since Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart first met and started collaborating and creating music it has been a joy ride. Alex Pall has been on a journey that is continually challenging and changing him. As a DJ he loves making music with his partner Andrew Taggart. Together with the Chainsmokers, they are tested to continually define themselves in an ever-evolving soundscape.

Today it’s just not good enough to be good. Your fans and the music industry expect nex and better material and that added touch that makes you stand out from the rest of the other DJ’s. Then there is always the new talent that wants to follow and compete. Alex Pall realizes adding a twist to DJing by bringing in your songs is a unique way to set yourself apart.

Pall finds songwriting fin but a challenge because he doesn’t want to sing someone else’s words, but to make them his own. Alex Pall intends to make the words about his life and his experiences, so he always makes sure he puts his stamp of approval on whatever he and Andrew Taggart are showcasing. That can be a challenge because not everyone has the same experiences, but its possible to limit yourself to your message and not get so full in the stories you tell that your listeners are like wondering whose represented in the song.

Alex Pall is also interested in meeting the demands of his record label which applies the pressure on he and Andrew Taggart to present a unique and consistent base for their fans. Allex Pall feels their latest release “Closer,” is a step closer to identifying who they are as a group; plus, working with Halsey was an opportunity to work with a specially gifted person who adds to our identity.

Allex Pall sees the use of social media, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as good ways to get to know your fans and those who love your music.

Darius Fisher Stands By His Work

Darius Fisher is someone that works around the clock and does not take it easy on the job. That is because he truly loves what he is doing, believes in it, and makes sure to put in the effort required to see it grow and see it reach places that perhaps others thought were impossible or out of reach. However, he has always stood by his work, what his company, Status Labs, provides, and how important the work actually is for the good of the people. Fisher knows how to get the best out of people and help them reach their goals. He believes in having an office that is filled with excitement and passion. When he hires people, he looks for people that have passion and love the job.

By having sales goals incentives, it creates friendly competition among the staff. The key word in that sentence is friendly. It makes them want to reach those incentives as they know there is a reward at the end of it. It is just like a football team. You motivate them and you inspire them and give them something to look forward to, like a day off for example. He also gives out performance awards. Everyone wants to know that their hard work is being seen by the boss and it isn’t going ignored. When they see that the boss realizes it, acknowledges it, and gives them an award for it, it makes them want to work that much harder to keep their good reputation in tact.

Speaking of reputation, that is what Status Labs is all about and Darius Fisher, co-founder and president, received the 2016 PR World Awards® Business Development Individual of the Year. When receiving this award, he made sure to give credit to his team and his staff. With any company or any team, it is a team effort. Everyone does their part to make the company run as smoothly as it does. It is by no means a one man show. Humility is always a great quality in a man and Darius Fisher has plenty of that.

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