The Story Of Yenomi Park

North Korea rules it’s citizens incredibly harshly, and very few citizens ever escape the government’s grip. North Koreans that attempt to defect from the country often die doing so. The few that make it out of the country often tell harrowing tales of what takes place there. Yeonmi Park is one of the few people that successfully made it out of the country alive. She endured horrendous conditions during her escape, but she luckily made it to safety in South Korea. While she succeeded in making it out of North Korea, not everyone in her family was able to successfully get out of the country. When she got out of the country, Yenomi Park has very widely spread the word about conditions in the country. In fact, her story on the Reason TV has become very widely known. She even has a book about the conditions she faced.
Yenomi escaped the country along with other members of her family during 2007. She already lived near the northern border of the country, and she crossed a frozen river in the dead of night with her parents. However, what waited for her on the other side was a long journey. China borders North Korea to the north, and the country doesn’t take well to defectors. While in China her and her family were victims of numerous atrocities. Luckily, they managed to make it to Mongolia, where they ultimately were able to get into South Korea. However, her father didn’t make it into South Korea. He died of a fatal cancer while the family was still in China.

Once she got to South Korea, she readily shared her story. In fact, she has spoken about it and written about it numerous times. Unfortunately, there are those that attempt to say her story is false. The North Korean government is one of her biggest doubters, and they have done everything they can to discredit her story. Park says that her story is completely accurate. These days, her story has been heard by many people, some of them may have watched her speech videos on Youtube including individuals that are still in North Korea. In the future, it can be expected that her story will be heard by even more people.

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