The Staggering Growth Of Online Retail Platforms Due To The Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

As online platforms continue to grow, fashion brands must compete with streaming services and social networks as well as their peers. They must gain the attention of the online users. Most consumers are looking for choice and fashion, and the first place they look is at online platforms. By 2018, Amazon is expected to achieve the status of a $1 trillion business. They offer an enormous selection, have a wide variety of brands, and they use an ecommerce recommendation engine. This gives them power.

Their massive product offerings can overwhelm consumers. Buying decisions are difficult when there are too many products to choose from. This is why an ecommerce recommendation engine has become critical. Consumers who have purchased before are likely to make a future purchase. The ecommerce recommendation engine shows what purchases have been made previously, what consumers are interested in now, and the most likely sales for the future. This information is based on searches and purchases.

AI, or artificial intelligence turns data into information that can improve the chain of supply. This includes manufacturing, design, sales, product marketing, and the quality of the service provided to customers. When this is combined with new platforms, new technology and an ecommerce recommendation engine, even fashion brands have entirely new possibilities. The recommendations continue to improve, communications become more targeted, and customer loyalty and revenue continue to increase. Approximately seventy percent of all United States consumers now expect personalization when purchasing online.

As online platforms continue to improve, the targeted search results achieved by smart search engines bring the consumers attention to products they did not even know they wanted. Information is being displayed by virtual storefronts that is customized to meet the needs of the consumers based on their specific preferences and characteristics. AI technology has become the driving force behind online sales. The testing of AI technology showed it was responsible for 168.2 billion in repeat sales for the Singles’ Day event. Complimentary products were offered using information regarding the consumers browsing and purchasing behavior from the past. The ecommerce recommendation engine is matching outfits and taking the role of a personal stylist.

The strategies being used for personalization offer different variables depending on the platform being used. The expense of operations is being reduced for the luxurious and elegant fashion boutiques. AI technology is enabling online retailers to use their platforms as a type of operating system. The prediction is a retailer will be able to use their site to build personalized applications in the future, and their own Android or iOS apps.