Academy of Art University Scores in Arts and Design

The Academy of Art University is a premier art and design academic institution located in San Francisco. Founded in 1929, the facility is one of the largest private institutions which offers these courses. As a result, it has given birth to many graduates who are positively transforming the art and design landscape in America. It offers various undergraduate and certificate courses in art and design.

In a bid to ensure that it produces the best graduates, the Academy of Art University hires accomplished professionals in art and design who are given the noble role of teaching the future professionals in this field. It has extensively employed technology to steer innovation and creativity in the industry. The Academy of Art University has hundreds of full-time lecturers and over one thousand part-time teaching staff. It has more than ten thousand students.

The Academy of Art University has always existed to transform the art and design space in the US radically. The premier institution has grown hand in hand with the city of Francisco where it has tremendously improved talents not only in the city but also in America. The institution does not exercise discriminate while admitting its students. All applicants who are eligible for admission criteria are given a chance to pursue the career of their dreams. Discipline is one of the driving forces of the institution. In addition to enhancing the skills of the students, the learners are taught how to become disciplined. The learning environment is serene and enhances more research and innovation I the areas of arts and design.

Recently, the facility has embarked on a mission to auction some of its old collection of classic cars. A new chief executive was hired to spearhead this process which will see at least six of its old collection of vehicles being sold in an auction. The auction will give the members of the public a chance to see and bid for the vehicles which have only been accessible to students studying car design. Most of the cars to be sold were bought in the pre-war period. As such, a room for modern vehicles which can be used by the students will be created.

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