Ara Chackerian, ASC Holdings Managing Director.

Ara Chackerian is a renowned philanthropist and an accomplished entrepreneur. He attended Florida State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. After his graduation, he entered the corporate world and co-founded a couple of business firms.


Most of the firms that Ara Chackerian has cofounded are essentially the health and environmental related. He has been involved in the foundation of many companies such as TMS Health Solutions, and the firm has grown to become one of the leading healthcare providers.


He also cofounded PipelineRX which utilizes telephone usage in its delivery of pharmaceutical services.


Ara Chackerian was also one of the founders of BMC Diagnostics company that majorly specializes in imaging products and services. Besides his foundations, he has held high positions at World Medical.


This renowned global company has been involved in the supply of health products for a long time.


Ara Chackerian is the incumbent Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings. This is a limited liability company that funds health-related corporations, especially in their early stages.


His immense success is attributed to his rich experience of more than twenty years in the healthcare industry. His efforts are aimed towards the invention of new technology in the healthcare system.


Ara Chackerian believes that the incorporation of technology in health will significantly improve the quality of services offered. He mentioned that embracing technology would mainly reduce its gap with healthcare, and this would, as a result, reduce the time taken in the diagnosis of diseases.


Aka Chackerian is also widely recognized for his benevolent work. In the past, he has partnered with several nonprofit groups aimed at improving education amongst many youths in the United States. You can visit Medium to see more.


He has also invested most of his time and finances in environmental conservation programs. Many of these programs are functional in the United States and some in other countries such as Armenia.


Ara Chackerian is also part of Limonapa Teak, and this teak farm is one of the largest in Nicaragua. The farm is known for its use of sustainable and environmentally friendly methods in its operations.


Through the program, he has created employment opportunities for the locals in the area.



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Advance Screening by GoBuySide

Recruiting financial professionals has become difficult for many financial firms due to tot he continuous change of the Job Market. One such change is the shift from professionals working at their financial firms, to these professionals working at home. On other such difficulties, these financial firm have gone through is evolving from hiring recruitment firms to find the employees, to leveraging the internet to analyze, and screen potential candidates to see if they have the necessary skill set to work at their desire firm. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

GoBuySide is a recruitment platform that uses a strategy of location-based recruitment in New York City to see which firms have professionals that excel within their firm and would be a perfect fit for one of their clients. Furthermore, GoBuySide uses a strategy of social recruiting in which GoBuySide looks like a potential candidate social media which can range from Facebook to Linkedin, to screen a candidates experience which determines what value can their skill set provide to a financial firm. This reduces a firm’s expenses when hiring and interviewing as they have captured the candidates potential, and have already determined if investing in their skill benefits the firm. Read this article at Accesswire.

GoBuySide is a lead recruitment platform in New York City founded by Arjun Kapur, which uses state of the art technology such as Artificial Intelligence, which is monitored by experts who can identify and recruit professionals with strong skill sets. GoBuySide world in over fifty-two cities in over sixteen countries. Within over ten thousand firms, GoBuySide is trusted by over four hundred clients. The success of GoBuySide can be credited to Arjun Kapur who is very passionate about business administration. Arjun Kapur he a master of arts degree in economics from Standford University College of Business, and a bachelor of arts in business administration from John Hopkins school of business. These clients that trust Arjun Kapur’s GoBuySide platform range from investment firms, venture capital firms, Fortune 500 clients, and private equity firms.


Peter Briger: Debt and Profits

Once Briger, a known billionaire from the Fortress Investment Group IPO, left Goldman Sachs his success never suffered and only flourished. For the first quarter, Briger’s team reeped in $4.7 billion in a new fund titled “Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV” The amount of it was nearly 87 percent of new funds acquired and raised by the company. Fortress also handles a liquid market division and private equity. In the last few years, Briger has only found continued wealth in the after days of the tragic financial crises years ago. He names his type of business practice today as a “financial services Garbage collection.” He further told the Institutional Investor magazine that governments also force sell offs on risky ill-liquid assets and those that aren’t performing.

This is due to the demands of shareholders and regulators. Briger and the Fortress Capital team are more than happy to jump on the huge discounts. Evidence that Briger is still profiting is in the rates of return on the credit opportunity funds. Now that the financial crisis is way behind us, Peter Briger continues to see opportunities from distressed assets that can bring in big profits. This is especially true for the financial sectors. He reveals that banks have recovered from the last financial fiasco, but are still stuck with having to change under all of the political and regulatory demands. The Dodd-Frank reform literally forces banks to now hold high-top assets on their books.

They must require large capital reserves against any assets that are considered risky. What this does is put a lot of pressure on banks struggling to sell risky assets to get a return on the equity. This is what Peter Briger has continued to capitalize on for years and years. Peter Briger is a master at his game and knows the markets. He sees an opportunity when other don’t. So if there is ever a dry spell and there are no opportunities to be had, Briger knows one will soon along. When that time comes, Peter Briger will be right there capitalizing as he always has done and will continue to do so.

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Sheldon Lavin Continues Expansion Efforts

With a background in banking, where he spent many years as a prominent executive, Sheldon Lavin was a newbie in the world of food processing, when he decided to enter into a partnership with Otto Kolschowsky – then the head of the fledgling, Otto & Sons. In the 1970’s, Sheldon Lavin became an equal partner in Otto & Sons, helping to take the company to the next level with his innovations, which including the creation of a plant that catered specifically to catering McDonald’s. As the world-famous burger chain grew, so did Otto & Sons, which would eventually be renamed, OSI Group in 1975, under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. The 1980’s would mark a particularly fruitful period for OSI Group, as the company would begin its global expansion, creating sites in countries such as Taiwan, Austria, Germany, Spain, and Brazil. In the 1990’s, Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group continued the trend that began in the 1980’s, as the company expanded into Mexico, China, the Philippines, and Poland, while also creating several new plants locally.

The 2000’s would spark a period of acquisition in the history of OSI Group, which would, in turn, create increased territory on the global stage, as well as an increased presence in new markets, such as fresh produce. It was in 2002, that OSI Group moved to fresh produce, which occurred during an acquisition in China, and it was shortly thereafter, that an acquisition in Australia resulted in an increased presence within the beef market on the continent. With an increased need for a presence within the European market, OSI made significant strides in 2014 in the form of a joint venture with Pickstock of the United Kingdom, as well as partnerships with Select Ready Foods of Edmonton, Alberta, and the prominent German supermarket chain, EDEKA. Today, at the age of 85, the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin continues his effort to grow the company that he’s built into a world-renowned entity, while also decreasing the environmental footprint, and promoting sustainability.

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