Tony Petrello Gives Report On The Amazing Returns Of The Nabors Industries Ltd.

Tony Petrello is the CEO and also the chairperson in charge of the Nabors Industries Company. The Nabors Industries is an international company that deals with operations concerning drilling of lands in the United States using rig technologies. Tony Petrello recently reported on the earnings of the company during the first quarter of the financial year 2018. The results showed a significant increase in the working revenues realized from the previous yields in the last quarter with a margin of $ 26 million. However, the net revenues amounted to a total loss of $ 144 million which portrayed a definite improvement from the previous incomes in the last quarter which amounted to $ 166 million in 2017.

Anthony Petrello claimed that the positive progress in the incomes resulted from their excellent performances in the United States Drilling section. This US segment attributed a likely increase of 36% which amounts to $ 73.1 million for the period computations involving only six operational rigs. Another country that gave out positive responses in the drilling processes is Canada. The operations in the country contributed vast amounts of returns amounting to $ 9.3 million during the period. Consequently, the Canadian revenues were also very significant in the overall improved performance of the Nabors Industries Ltd. CEO Tony Petrello argues that similar activities are expected in the next periods for more enhanced performances.

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Conversely, the returns across international boundaries deteriorated considerably with low turnouts due to the Rig technologies used during the period for the company. The total returns of the drilling decrease to $ 124 million as compared to $ 4.9 million from the prior quarter. The technology came about unexpectedly, and the increased rig expenses could not be avoided. The company, therefore, looks forward to ensuring improved results in all the drilling segments including the non-periodic ones in the next quarter this year.

The debts of the company are also confirmed to increase during this first quarter by a margin of $ 200 million amounts which were not targeted by the company. The financial specialist affirms that more efforts will be put forward to rectify the scenario in the coming periods.

Tony Petrello also gave appreciations for the new segment operations in Saudi Arabia since they reported positive revenues for their first time in the drilling exercise. He said that the company was proud of the active corporation with their business partner the Saudi Aramco.


Paul Mampilly gives his insight about cryptocurrency

Paul Mampilly recently published an article about the investment woes of the cryptocurrency bubble. This is not the first time that Paul has predicted a crash of the market caused by an economic bubble. The 2001 crash of the market was something that he foresaw and tried to warn some of his friends that had immersed profits up to six figures, but it was all in vain. Visit to know more. Finally, when the market came to its knees, Paul and his analyses stood out to be accurate and factual. Similarly, his critiques about the bitcoin market have not been welcome as Paul Mampilly has received emails from other investors accusing him that he feels bitter about missing in on investing on cryptocurrencies and that’s why he is so cynical about the investment venture. However, Paul Mampilly is not one to be petty and has clearly outlined acts to support his opinion that this is another economic bubble that is a dead end for investors similar to 1999. Just like in 1999 when the stocks went up with insane figures such as 1,000percent, a similar situation is happening in the world of cryptocurrency with coins such as Etherium going up by 13,000percent just in the year 2017 alone. Bitcoin is among the most popular of all cryptocurrencies and is now valued at over $19,000 having been launched as a form of exchange and equitable pay among peers in 2008. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly. Bitcoin was then spurred into growth by a growth of interest in the coin and subsequently the recognition of it as a currency, and a mode f payment also grew. By the year 2017, countries such as Japan had passed bills that required organizations to use bitcoins as a legal form of currency and Russia was also on the verge of imposing the same. Clearly, the trading, buying, and selling of cryptocurrency have outweighed the actual functional value of the coin, and this is a real sign of an economic bubble just waiting to burst, and investors will suffer loses in the end. Also, Paul looks on the other side of the coin and points out that the technology underlying the cryptocurrencies is quite phenomenal and may revolutionize many of the aspects of the market in the years to come. Paul firmly states that the blockchain technology employed may change forms of transactions used in the real estate and also making the process of lending and borrowing across the world a simple one.


Relief’s CEO, Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structured Homes Delivered (GSH), operating out of Huntsville, Alabama. Barbara attended Mercer University and in 2001 she received her Bachelors of Science and Education in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. While there she also studied Manufacturing and Management, Structure and Properties of Material, Technological Communication, and Thermodynamics. She is the founder and president of the Biomedical Engineering Club. Barbara Stokes is a mother of three and is married to Scott Stokes, COO of GSH. She and her husband Scott founded this company in 2008 and celebrate 10 years of business. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

GSH is a construction company that designs, engineers, and erects mobile and modular homes, as well as commercial buildings. Recently GSH took on a $28.5M contract with FEMA to help rebuild the homes for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Barbara and Scott have recently announced the explosion of job opportunities in the eight states that suffered damage from Harvey. These states include:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • North Carolina
  • Minnasota
  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia


Mrs. Stokes has a history of working with Boeing and the Pisces Corporation giving her years of experience handling government contracts and large work orders. She also believes in supporting the local economy, so she instructs project managers to order and purchase from local vendors and businesses as the job allows. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

GSH’s structures all have a unique feature that protects its dwellers. They come equipped with an automatic fire suppression system. The Company itself offers in-house project management and independent engineering, all backed by a 30-year developed, installation, and inspection warranty. Their ability to construct large quantities of quality homes in short amounts of time makes them perfect for the FEMA contract and shows why they were chosen for these previous projects:

  • Bullet resistant modular guard shacks for U.S.Navy
  • All Utility and modular structures near Mississippi State University including student housing
  • Underground utility facilities for U.S.Army training

Custom storage for tons of U.S.Air Force equipment

An Overview of NGP VAN’s Sophisticated Campaign Planning Software

NGP VAN offers assistance to planning sophisticated campaigns with its state of the art campaign software. With the ability to setup a professional campaign in just a few minutes, you’ll be taking a massive stride in the right direction when working with NGP VAN’s campaign software. They offer great ways to reach out to expand your campaign, including the ability to setup a professional campaign website with campaign donations and email fundraising.


NGP VAN does not limit your campaigns in any potential way, offering the ability to organize and plan a campaign for a simple high-school project, or alternatively plan for more advanced scenarios, including all the way up to a theoretical presidential campaign.


NGP VAN allows you to reach out to your campaign supporters in different ways than ever before, with a state of the art “Supporter Engagement Platform”. Plan efficient campaign schedules and campaign rallies to give back to your supporters. Track on-going updates surrounding your campaign with several advanced campaign databases in-order to make the most of your campaign.


NGP VAN offers all the advanced tools a campaign manager could wish for, from a general overview of the campaign, all the way down to specific demographics, statistics, marketing tips, supporter databases, payment and donation processing, fundraising events, and much more.


There is no better way to approach the intense hassles of a campaign than to utilize the advanced campaign tools that NGP VAN offers. NGP VAN offers a free demo to try out the software, which includes free documentation and tutorials, and live online or in-person assistance to help get started. Campaigns can seem extremely stressful and unorganized without the support of a software like this. Launch a successful campaign with the help of NGP VAN in just minutes and experience the rewards of an efficient and very successful campaign.


In Need of Financial Solutions? Look No Further Than Southridge Capital LLC

Southridge Investment Group is a financial solution company based in Connecticut, United States. Southridge Investment group is a private equity firm that provides investment banking and securities brokerage services since 1996. They offer innovative financial help to the public companies. The company has helped grow many companies globally, so they have the skills and expertise required to deal with new clients. The company offers advisory services like balance sheet optimization, financial analysis, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, mergers and acquisitions and legal settlement services. Their services also include the structured finance issues like securitization, credit enhancing, and financing solutions. The number of employees is between 11 and 50, and they have an understanding of the market and execute financing plans for the client without fail. The management is made up of five people. Stephen M. Hicks is the founder and CEO while the Controller is Narine Persaud. The other posts are of the Director of Research, General Counsel, and a member of the portfolio management team.

Southridge does not focus on making profit only but also in developing communities. They promote volunteer work, community leadership, and giving back to the community. They also help non-profit organizations and faith-based charities nationwide. Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary have a foundation called Daystar Foundation that supports several charitable organizations. The CEO of Southridge capital believes that supporting essential causes is not only a personal mission that he finds incredibly fulfilling but also a corporate and social responsibility. They hope to make a significant impact in the lives of people and offer an example of what giving back can accomplish.

Southridge capital is not left behind when it comes to technology. They invest in clients that appreciate innovation and invention in technology. They also understand the need of influencing the digital market. They are active on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. They manage their own blog where they give their clients and the public updates of what they are doing or planning to do. You should consider Southridge capital when looking for financial solutions. Check out to know more.

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Jeunesse: High-quality Products

On September 9, 2009, at exactly 9:00 pm, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis came out of their retirement and started the Jeunesse company. The number nine is represented throughout Jeunesse representing the founder’s hopes to constantly survive and somehow thrive.

With previous successes in other business endeavors, both Ray and Lewis had the expertise and knowledge required to operate a thriving company. The company’s main products include revolutionary enhancements and related health supplements. Moreover, Jeunesse sought to use an efficient system of compensating and selling for businesses across the globe. The result was a technology that provided innovation, support, and training all bundled into one software.

Currently, the company has thousands of workers across the globe trying to narrate its story. Jeunesse is dedicated to ensuring every individual reaches their maximum potential whether, it be their race, rank, social position, or income.

There are various products which provide moisturizing and hydrating to the skin; however, the NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation is different from all other products because it works to combat the dust and oil. The product was recently sponsored by the Youtuber, Duyen, who also created a step-by-step video on applying it for maximum effect.

NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation is enhanced with the new and limited APT-200 (TM), delivering a systematic and trivial coverage. Many people have claimed that the product has helped them show their “best” face to the world. Additionally, the product creates a soothing and soft skin, which is parallel to no other product in the market.

NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation also highlights the initial primer creating a face that doesn’t look heavily done with makeup. Recommended by numerous magazines and beauty gurus, the NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation is a product that is desired by women all across the globe.

More recently, a Youtuber and Instagram influencer, tested many Jeunesse products to see if they were worth buying. Throughout her video, the influencer consistently bragged about the numerous high-quality products Jeunesse provided and was convinced about making Jeunesse products part of her day-to-day life.