Neurocore : Sorting The Facts and Myths Of Depression

At Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, researchers and neuroscientist have been busy sorting out the fact from the myths surrounding the disorder called depression.

One big myth is depression is just sadness. Although this is one symptom, there also feelings such as emptiness, lost, or no feelings, numbness. Some outwards symptoms can be restlessness and not being able to focus and an inability to sleep. The opposite is also true, fatigue, tiredness or sleepy all the time.

Many people are functioning with these symptoms, but it is a very distressing disorder that can lead to work and family issues. Reports from the World Health Organization state that it is a leading cause of disability with people, who are 15 to 44 years of age. Read more at about Neurocore.

Treatment now is available even for drastic cases. Traditional ways of treating depression were drugs possibly coupled with therapy, but there are alternatives today like neurofeedback therapy.

Depression can be stubborn, confusing, and certainly frustrating. Often depressed people will say, “It seems like nothing will ever feel good again.” This must be an immobilizing feeling.

Thankfully, depression is getting more attention, more exposure, and education. Education for both the person living with the disorder, and the families, friends, coworkers, and the interested public. These supporters may not fully understand but can, at least, get a better understanding on the subject.


At a Neurocore Brain Performance Center they are using technology to advance the treatment with biofeedback sessions that involve neurofeedback. These sessions take approximately 45 minutes. Neuroscientist have discovered this helps create neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change.

Using other brain diagnostic tools, such as EEG or electroencephalogram technology Neurocore creates individualized non-invasive treatment programs. Some other diagnostic tools measure heart rate, monitor hearing and vision, and a behavior worksheet.

Neurocore continues to support treatment options while working to help provide education and exposure to share the facts and squelch the myths surrounding this disorder called depression. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The Staggering Growth Of Online Retail Platforms Due To The Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

As online platforms continue to grow, fashion brands must compete with streaming services and social networks as well as their peers. They must gain the attention of the online users. Most consumers are looking for choice and fashion, and the first place they look is at online platforms. By 2018, Amazon is expected to achieve the status of a $1 trillion business. They offer an enormous selection, have a wide variety of brands, and they use an ecommerce recommendation engine. This gives them power.

Their massive product offerings can overwhelm consumers. Buying decisions are difficult when there are too many products to choose from. This is why an ecommerce recommendation engine has become critical. Consumers who have purchased before are likely to make a future purchase. The ecommerce recommendation engine shows what purchases have been made previously, what consumers are interested in now, and the most likely sales for the future. This information is based on searches and purchases.

AI, or artificial intelligence turns data into information that can improve the chain of supply. This includes manufacturing, design, sales, product marketing, and the quality of the service provided to customers. When this is combined with new platforms, new technology and an ecommerce recommendation engine, even fashion brands have entirely new possibilities. The recommendations continue to improve, communications become more targeted, and customer loyalty and revenue continue to increase. Approximately seventy percent of all United States consumers now expect personalization when purchasing online.

As online platforms continue to improve, the targeted search results achieved by smart search engines bring the consumers attention to products they did not even know they wanted. Information is being displayed by virtual storefronts that is customized to meet the needs of the consumers based on their specific preferences and characteristics. AI technology has become the driving force behind online sales. The testing of AI technology showed it was responsible for 168.2 billion in repeat sales for the Singles’ Day event. Complimentary products were offered using information regarding the consumers browsing and purchasing behavior from the past. The ecommerce recommendation engine is matching outfits and taking the role of a personal stylist.

The strategies being used for personalization offer different variables depending on the platform being used. The expense of operations is being reduced for the luxurious and elegant fashion boutiques. AI technology is enabling online retailers to use their platforms as a type of operating system. The prediction is a retailer will be able to use their site to build personalized applications in the future, and their own Android or iOS apps.


Brown Agency: New Modeling Experience and Opportunity for the People of Austin

Brown Agency, the leading modeling agency in Austin, is offering a high-quality and professional modeling experience for the people in the city. Additionally, it opened a door of opportunities for the talented and aspiring models of Austin. The agency gave promising careers to many models by collaborating them with some biggest brands in various industries such as Loreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, and many other global brands. The agency is known for bringing out the potential of every candidate to showcase their best in the ramps or commercials. It gives intensive coaching, interaction sessions, feedbacks, and opportunities to each of its candidates to make them highly successful in the modeling career.

To the talents, Brown Agency is something different, and they put their complete trust upon the agency considering its track record of successfully placing people according to their skills and talents. The staff of agency including its CEO Justin Brown is closely working with the aspiring models and make them fit for the requirements of the brands. Justin Brown finds the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and helps them to overcome their hurdles using various techniques and coaching. He tries to make every candidate as an ideal talent for any industry they wanted to collaborate with. Brown gives special acting talent training which can significantly leverage the candidates that make them capable of landing even into film industry quickly.

The Brown Agency is founded by Justin Brown in the year 2010 in Austin. Interestingly, it was founded as Wilhelmina Austin, and later in 2015, it got renamed as The Brown Agency after acquiring another agency named Heyman Talent-South. Until 2010, there were no prominent modeling and talent agency in Austin, which could match up with international standards. Justin had more than a decade of professional modeling career – started from his college days – with in-depth knowledge of industry requirements. He founded the agency to share that information with the aspiring talents and help them to chase their dream. His extensive industrial connections also helped the candidates to get the best training and assured opportunities with international brands. You can visit

The agency is currently budding more than 450 talents which include men and women of different ages and children. The agency keeps a great profile of talents to make it readily available for various film studios and advertising groups. It supplies talents in fashion, commercial, and theatrical with specific requirements. To the clients, collaboration with Brown Agency is an opportunity to explore quality and consistent talents who are professionally trained. The fashion models of the agency grace the major fashion events in the country including Dallas Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion Week, Chicago Fashion Week, and many other fashion shows.

Whitney Wolfe Successful Career

Whitney Wolfe happens to have been a very famous person in the world of technology and has achieved a big time in her career. She has been on the frontline working towards the success of and development of her career. Her mission in life is to help as many people as possible and always been on the frontline. She is a great person in the industry of developing apps and has continued to grow tremendously in growing career. The passion that drives her has made her become a very big brand in the industry. In fact, she started from a humble beginning but after few years of operations, she happens to have achieved the big time in her career. She has been able to help as many people as possible realize that they are here to achieve their goals.

Whitney Wolfe has been on the frontline working towards perfecting her skills in the industry since she was young in Salt Lake City. She is from a very stable background and happens to have worked with a lot of passion towards advancing Whitney’s skills. Whitney was a child whose parents took all their time to take care of. She always felt composed and safe when she found her mother waiting for her after school. Her father was also a famous developer who worked so hard to make his family live a better life. They were always passionate about great achievements in life and have been on the frontline making sure that he accorded his family the necessary support. She later left to advance her studies at Southern Methodist University where she socialized in international studies. The course provided her with a wide range of experience in the sector.

Whitney Wolfe after school joined Hatch labs whereby they started working on a project which was later stalled. They started working on a new project whereby they involved Whitney. She happened to be a great asset because of her great exposure to technology. She was on the frontline working towards nothing else but just success and was allocated the marketing duties. She was able to market the company to major campuses and they were able to join the site. She later left the company for her personal reasons that really brought her down. She got some compensation and decided to leave and start Bumble which is currently the fourth most popular app in the industry. She has continued to grow very well.

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The Journey of Paul Mampilly as an Investor and Launch of Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly is an American investor and a former hedge fund manager who focuses on business. Paul had been on the Street Wall for some time where he decided to leave that life because it was not fruitful and people needed ideas in investing. That is what drove him into investment. Paul started his career early in 1991 on Wall Street where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager at Banker’s Trust. That was after his studies at Sunny Albany College. He also worked in ING and Deutsche Bank. Paul later was trained by the firm named Kinetics Assets Management so that he could work for them to manage their hedge fund.

In 2008, Paul was among the team that managed multi-billion hedge fund accounts. Consequently, he was named by Barron that year. Later, in 2012, he invested in a company that was working to develop a drug to treat muscular dystrophy. In 2016, Paul joined the Banyan Hill Publishing where he serves as a senior editor and specializing on how to help the Main Street Americans find wealth in technology, investing, opportunities and small capital business.

Paul has experience of over 25 years of business and finance. He moved from India to the US at a tender age. Mampilly has managed accounts of all levels from accounts worth billions to those of the ground levels. He has also led the accounts of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Paul has been an author and analyst for Agora Financials premier biotech and life science franchise FDA Trader. The FDA trader made sales worth over $6 million during Paul’s era. The stock of FDA portfolio left is as five stocks with blockbuster gains of greater than 100%, all in less than 12 months.

Paul Mampilly was invited to participate in a competition hosted by Temptation Foundation where with an investment of $50 million as a startup capital. He managed to run back the return in a single year and to grow the investment to $88 million, which he impressively achieved during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis. Paul Mampilly retired, stating that instead of making money for the ultra-rich, he has shifted his targets to helping people on daily bases on how to make money in their investments. He is also the founder of the newsletter Profits Unlimited and Extreme Functions. Paul is also planning to bring out a 2017 research named ‘True Momentum.’

About Paul Mampilly: