Karl Heideck Offers Insight On Wells Fargo and Philadelphia Case

It is undisputed that the banking industry has strict rules as well as regulations. In a complex world with such regulations, the law can take its course when law suits are filed. It can take a relatively longer time to unwind the laws by understanding the appropriate channels to follow. That is why Karl Heideck is highly regarded for his input in the banking industry. Bearing extensive experience in law and litigation, Karl is dedicated to offering some of the best legal advice across the world.

Philadelphia Case

Philadelphia has been gracing news headlines following its law suit against Wells Fargo. The petition indicated that there was predatory lending that violated the rights of a particular race. The case against this banking institution came in a few weeks after the American Supreme Court ruling that granted citizens the authority to sue banking institutions. Karl Heideck laid out important points about the case. With the challenges that come with understanding the law suit, he broke it down by stating that Wells Fargo was practicing redlining, an unfair practice that exposes a certain race to high risk loans. The bank purposefully instigated these loans to the black Hispanics as well as Latino borrowers according to phillypurge.com.

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Even in cases where this race had a significant credit history that would allow them to borrow decent loans, the rules surrounding their borrowing was strict to some extent. According to the lawsuit, Wells Fargo had a clear notion regarding this imbalance. In fact, the management highly encouraged clients to borrow money under those policies. These claims resemble the Miami lawsuit presented at the American Supreme Court. Just like Philadelphia’s lawsuit, the people of Miami claimed that they were unfairly exposed to loans that did more harm than good. Redlining is illegal and thus punishable according to the constitution.

Karl’s Profile

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney who works on a contract basis. He is listed as a hire counsel by the Mestel & Company. From 2015, he has set an impressive record as a successful lawyer. Having practiced law for over ten years, Karl Heideck is experienced and has offered room for the understanding of law through various platforms. With a decade of law practice in Philadelphia, he is trusted to offer invaluable insight.

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Eric Lefkofsky, one of the Men behind existence of Tempus

In the modern society, there are things that happen, which make humans work harder to make greater achievements. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the people who have been compelled to work extra hard after dire life encounters. The 48 years old co-founder of Tempus had to do something after his dear wife was diagnosed with cancer. And so, his great effort contributed positively toward the finding of Tempus.

Major Accomplishments

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and the previous CEO of Tempus; the company responsible for the development of the operating system used by the modern health facilities to battle cancer. He did not stop at contributing toward the launch of Tempus; Eric has gone ahead to contribute millions of dollars that have been used to initiate research about cancer and its possible control measures.

His Philanthropic Work

During his career as the CEO of the Tempus, Eric managed to work closely with the doctors by ensuring that they relied on accurate data while making decisions on how best to handle various cancer patients. In 2015, the Lefkofsky donated 1 million dollars toward the construction of Comprehensive Centre of Northwestern University. This was to make sure that many patients are assisted with the infections. To the Stanford University, the Lefkofsky donated nearly five hundred Million Dollars toward the funding of Cancer Research team. In the same month, the University of Michigan received 1.2 million again for another research on cancer.


One of the major problems that Tempus had to struggle with involved how information about patients was generated and stored. Initially, such information was kept in the form of physically written notes. Since that kind of information was hard to analyze, Tempus came up with a database which composed of natural language processing so that client records could be easily retrieved hence managing their health record in a much easier way.

Eric together with his team works hard to ensure that cancer is put under human control. Since the finding of Tempus, many cancer patients have been able to receive amazing health care services courtesy of Eric’s tireless effort.

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A Close Look at Todd Lubar’s Career Journey

There is no secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Everyone who reaches his potential has a chance to become a prominent businessman. Todd Lubar, a graduate of a degree in Speech Communication from the Syracuse University, leverages his extensive educational background to steer his ventures to success. Todd Lubar underwent an incredible life story, which helped him to become the President of TDL Global Ventures. Here, he leads a team of professionals with a plethora of clients who are satisfied with his financial advisory services.

Todd Lubar (http://www.toddlubar.com/) career started at Crestar Mortgage Corporation shortly after graduating from college. He served in different managerial positions from 1995 to 1999 when he started his financial advisory firm, Legacy Financial Group in Arlington, Texas. Over time, Todd Lubar helped his business to grow its Maryland office, managing hundreds of million in loan volume per year. He worked at Legacy Financial Group until 2005 when he joined Charter Funding, a business unit of Magnus Financial Corporation as Senior Vice President. Todd Lubar has unmatched skill in mortgage banking, which has helped him to run several other companies in the recycling industry, real estate development, demolition industry, and nightclub business.

Todd Lubar went to the Sidwell Friends School between 1977 and 1987 before transferring to the Peddie School in Hightstown. From here Todd Lubar joined Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A. in Speech Communication. Todd Lubar has ranked severally in the list of top mortgage originators in the real estate development industry. His vast experience in several industries has helped him to excel in different environments. Todd Lubar has recently launched TDL Ventures to focus on helping people in need. Todd Lubar’s involvement in over 7,000 financial transactions has helped him to hone his skills in risk analysis. That has helped him to make appropriate decisions based on the market conditions. For his full bio, see crunchbase.com.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his two beautiful daughters. He likes traveling with his kids during the vacation. Todd Lubar’s vision is to become a better person tomorrow. He also looks forward to adding value to every customer he engages.

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Life Line Screening: Provides Health Services That Can Literally Save Your Life

*An in-depth look at Life Line Screening:

Life Line Screening provides health services that can literally save your life. Life Line can conduct specific tests that can determine if you have certain risk factors that can eventually lead to illness.

Health Screening services available include Heart Disease screening, Vitamin D screening, Lung Cancer screening, Diabetes screening, Reactive Protien screening and much more. Life Line can detect certain diseases and conditions before they become life threatening. Therefore, appropriate treatment and other measures can be taken.

Cardiovascular screening services can determine if plaque is present within the arteries. Risk factors for heart disease include genetics, lifestyle, age and other factors. There are a number of medications as well as procedures that can help reduce plaque build up around the heart. The physician would discuss your options prior to deciding on treatment option.

Diabetes is a serious disease that is more common than most people think. Therefore, there is a simple finger stick test that can determine if the patient is at risk for developing serious disease. No invasive testing is required for diabetes which is good news for many people.

After taking a complete family history and considering any existing health issues, a trained physician will make determination which screening tests are most appropriate.

Vitamin D is important for overall health. Life Line has a simple test called 25-hydroxy which determines the amount of Vitamin D within the blood. If a person is deficient in their supply of Vitamin D there is a way to remedy the situation.

Timothy Phillips is the co-founder of Life Line Screening over twenty years ago. Mr, Phillips was determined to make certain that Life Line is a unique company that offers specialized health services that are not offered through other health care testing organizations. It seems that Timothy Phillips was successful in that endevour.

Dr. Andy Manganaro currently the Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening. Dr, Manganaro is determined to help people live longer and remain healthy. The doctor has an extensive background in the study of genetics and risk factor for disease.

Please see www.lifelinescreening.com. You can call for an appointment any time. Making this phone call can ultimately end up saving your life.