Jim Tananbaum Helps Make Healthcare Progress Possible

Jim Tananbaum is currently the CEO of Foresite Capital as well as its founder. Since 2011 when he began both roles, Foresite Capital has been a facilitator under Tananbaum’s leadership. When he and his team detect a potential healthcare leader, they step in with capital and expertise to help the business cross the line into profitability. This strengthens the healthcare system and provides good jobs.

Tananbaum has been involved in co-founding two important biopharmaceutical companies as well as venture capital firms specializing in developing successful biopharmaceutical companies. He has extensive educational credentials at major institutions such as Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Foresite Capital is the culmination of his experience in the biopharmaceutical sector, whose goal is to form a unique investment model. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

The vision behind Foresite is the marriage of his experience as a healthcare entrepreneur and investment strategist. With his ability to identify crucial factors for success and the ability to provide information, networks, and capital, Foresite is uniquely positioned to play a critical role for emerging leaders. Thus far Foresite Capital has invested in 77 healthcare companies including biopharmaceuticals, medical services, diagnostics and genomic sequencing.

Tananbaum spends a great deal of time networking with the innovators in healthcare. Thought leaders are crucial to the type of investment that he looks for. To bring ideas to life, he seeks out those individuals who are persistent and brilliant. Foresite then provides the capital that helps these individuals make critical scientific discoveries. This model has the potential to make a great impact on healthcare.

Jim Tananbaum considers himself an academic at heart and his love of learning is what propels him to find the best solutions that science has to offer. Passion and persistence help him grow the business and portfolio. Jim Tananbaum finds that team dynamics are essential for any great pursuit like healthcare research. He finds that synergy is what drives the most successful teams.

Recently Tananbaum was named to the Forbes Midas List for 2017. This list highlights the top 100 venture investors. It’s a distinction he’s earned for three consecutive years. Jim Tananbaum continues an amazing career.