Timothy Armour Analyzes The Market At The Beginning Of The Trump Era

Armour serves as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Capital Group.

At this juncture in time, Capital Group is considered to be the largest investment management firm in the world. The firm is the home of American Funds.

Armour is turned to with regularity when it comes to a discussion of market trends and related issues. Recently, Armour was called upon to address these types of issues by MSNBC.

Armour contended that Warren Buffett is not spot-on when it comes to his overall investment strategies. This commentary by Armour arises out of Buffett’s wager of $1 million. He bet that amount of money to go to charity if he lost the bet. The heart of his wager was a contention that he would achieve better investment returns than hedge fund managers via the S&P 500 passive index fund.

In all likelihood, Buffett will prevail on his bet. Armour believes that Buffett was on point when he made the initial bet. he also added that he generally supports Buffett’s support of bottom-up investing.

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Nonetheless, while Armour maintains Buffett was right in regard to the specifics of his bet, Armour also believes that the rationale underpinning the bet cannot be broadly applied across all demographics. He believes that this strategy will not work well for all people preparing for retirement. A

Armour contends that these men and women will achieve better investment results if they blend their investments. They need to do more that simply invest in some sort of passive plan.

Armour believes that the United States is in the midst of what he calls the 401(k) generation. By this he means that most Americans are in charge of their own retirement. This differs from more immediate history when retirement was largely overseen by employers.

Armour also explained his feelings about the market after the election of Donald Trump. He believes that the Trump Market is real. He maintains that the market upswing is a direct result of the election of Donald Trump.

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