Insurance Claim Brought To Court By Bruce Levenson’s Consortium

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium headed by Maryland based business leader Bruce Levenson sold the NBA franchise over one year ago, but are still facing a battle to bring to a close an outstanding insurance claim with the AIG group. Levenson and his fellow consortium members who sold the Atlanta Hawks to Forbes listed billionaire Tony Ressler’s group have now made the decision to begin court proceedings against AIG over the unpaid claim revolving around the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry.

Levenson’s consortium and Ferry came to an agreement to terminate the contract of the GM, which has been reported to have been worth around $18 million over a six year period beginning in 2012; the legal team of Bruce Levenson believe the workplace torts and constructive dismissal aspects of the insurance policy of the policy taken out by the former Hawks ownership can be tested to prove the claim should have been successful. Tony Ressler’s ownership group has already released a statement detailing the fact the insurance claim has been made with regards to the policy held by the former Hawks owners and will not affect the franchise or the consortium.

The success Bruce Levenson,, has achieved as a business leader alongside his long time work partner Ed Peskowitz began with the founding of a single oil industry newsletter, and led to the creation of the United Communications Group or UCG; the group has flourished as it moved into the latest technology fields to provide real time information for many different industries. Levenson has also looked to use his wealth and fame to achieve much as a philanthropist, including his work to honor survivors and those lost in the World War II Holocaust through the creation of the U.S. Holocaust Museum.


The Story Of The Rise OSI Group

The Illinois Startup

OSI started out as a family deli operating out of Aurora Illinois. Like the rest of the businesses found in that suburb of Chicago, the business was started by an immigrant looking for a way to make life better for himself. Otto Kolschowsky was so successful he needed the help of his sons to run the business. At that point OSI was known as Otto and Sons, but it would soon undergo yet another name change.

A Family Business Goes Corporate

A pivotal moment in the history of OSI was the introduction of cryogenics. Previously, most meat suppliers had to keep a fresh supply of meat at all times in order to meet the demand of their clients. When OSI Group introduced technology that would allow it to preserve meat for a prolonged period of time, it was absolutely certain to take over the the meat processing industry. Soon, fast food franchises from across America wanted OSI Group as their main meat supplier. As these companies grew into international empires, OSI followed them and scaled up operations to meet the demands of the world.

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The World’s Meat Supply

As an internationally recognized organization, OSI Group has changed its business model dramatically from its original design. In order to accommodate the demands of various countries around the world, OSI has purchased a number of smaller regional meat processors to provide the goods and services it needs in each specific area. For example, in Scandinavia OSI Group has purchased Baho Foods in order to supply various franchises within northern Europe. These people have a taste for specific foods, and no one is better prepared to give them what they want than companies already in place. Such quick thinking has made OSI Group one of the most prosperous companies in America.

The American Dream Fulfilled

Although OSI Group is an international corporation, it is a truly American company. Founded by immigrants more than 100 years ago it has grown into one of the largest and most powerful privately owned companies today. It has generated more than $6 billion in revenue and continues to grow. This success isn’t reserved only for a wealthy few either. OSI Group looks after its employees and makes they understand they are part of what makes OSI the company it is today. Starting from the ground up and growing is what makes the American Dream possible.

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Competent and Prolific Managers are Necessary for Investment Success

Timothy D. Armour is an investment professional. On July 28, 2015, he was elected as the chief executive and the chairperson of the Capital Group after the passing the then Chairperson – Jim Rothenberg. He was new to the chairman’s position at the time of his election, but he was a seasoned portfolio manager. He had the requisite experience gathered over the years. He foresaw the continuous success of Capital through the provision of competent and sound investment advice to its clients. He promised that through his leadership, Capital Group would continue to stand as the leading investment management firm in the world.

Capital Group is a prominent investment management organization in the world. Besides, Timothy Armour is the principal executive officer and chairperson of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., which forms part of the Capital Group, and chairs the Capital Group Management Committee. Timothy Armour has 33 years of investment experience, all of it acquired while serving the Capital Group. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the Middlebury College. Timothy Armour lives in Los Angeles, CA. He started his career by participating actively in The Associates Program at Capital Group.

Armour has pledged to strengthen the collective talents of all employees and associates and increase the value of investments. Currently, Capital Group has 7,600 associates. The organization manages more than $1.25 trillion of clients’ investments. Most of the investments are in equity mutual funds. Through, Timothy Armour’s hard work and enthusiasm, the work has already resulted in the success of Capital Group. He has long been keen and eager to pass the keys to success and investment wisdom to others.

Timothy Armour advises investors that the function of a long-term active manager is to derive. Such value must come from diverse sources to enable the investors to perform better compared with average market periods. According to Armour, investors should not go for average returns on their investments. Investors should look for active portfolio managers who would help them to research for potential companies and in-turn realize above-the-average market returns.

Armour informs investors that investments are often not-FDIC-insured. Besides, they are not deposits of or guaranteed by a given bank or any other body; therefore, they can lose value. Consequently, investors should review investment risks, objectives, expenses, and charges. An investment professional helps investors to brainstorm determinants and risks and guide investors to make informed investment decisions.

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