Kenneth Goodgame’s Remarkable Career Path as a Business Leader

A lot of qualities come together to make a great business leader. These qualities range from focus to transparency, integrity and high level of experience. When blended with passion, these qualities provide the perfect ingredients for good leader.

One of the few individuals who possess the qualities discussed above is Kenneth Goodgame, Senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer of True Value. Kenneth has all it takes to actualize a business concept and make it count. His vast experience as a business leader has made him a coveted asset whenever he goes.

Since he came to True Value in 2013, a lot of positive and unprecedented things have happened in the company. His docket registered one of the highest sales in the company’s history. This includes over $2.2 billion global purchasing done by him on behalf of the company. Kenneth Goodgame is behind several multi-functional groups charged with creating and implementing a detailed strategic plan for the company. He is also responsible for every marketing segment including the employees working in each division.

Kenneth Goodgame values honesty in his dealings. Since he started his career as a business leader, there has never been any corruption or other forms of controversies linked to him. His great personality is evident all the time.

With the changing business environment today, a leader must be flexible enough to survive. Goodgame has showcased a remarkable flexibility in his career. This is characterized by a series of job shifts he has done in his 30-year old management role. He started as the Chief Manager in Home Depot where he led procurement worth $1.6 billion.

Kenneth left Home Depot for Newell Rubbermaid in 2002 as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. He then moved to Techtronic Industries North America where he was appointed the President of the company’s Direct Tools outlet located in South Carolina. In 2010, he was appointed the General Merchandising Manager at Ace Hardware before moving to True Value in 2013.

His extensive experience gives him an edge over others when it comes to identifying market niches and converting them into quality sales. He continues to enhance True Value’s market presence all over the country.

Darius Fisher: Someone Worth Listening

For people that are looking for advice on internet based issues, Darius Fisher is someone that is worth listening to. He is considered an expert because he has a lot of experience in providing different services such as SEO and social media marketing. This is why whenever he speaks on these issues, it is important for people to listen. They will learn a lot of valuable lessons from what he has to say. When people apply what he says into action, they will find that a lot of his methods are good for generating traffic and building a good reputation.


Darius Fisher is an online reputation manager. He runs Status Labs, a company that helps people that have been hit with a digital reputation crisis. As a result, people will experience an eventual return to grace. He is also willing to help people before they find themselves in a bad circumstance. As a matter of fact, he recommends people consider online reputation management at an earlier time so that they will be able to fight off attacks more easily. Darius Fisher has also come up with other services for his firm that could help with its growth and trustworthiness among other things.


Darius Fisher is also a digital marketer. He understands the importance of marketing. One of the most important aspects of marketing is in finding an audience for the product or service that is being marketed. Once that is achieved, then all that needs to be done is to make them aware of the product, service or business. However, a creative campaign could increase sales for the company. According to his Crunchbase profile, Darius Fisher has used digital marketing in order to bring his firm into success. He has expanded his company into locations in New York, Sao Paulo, and Austin. He has also hired help into spreading awareness about the company. As a result, Status Labs has become one of the largest companies that deal with online reputation management.

Kool-Aid Lip Balm

When you think about lip balm, you might think about some of the fruit scents and flavors that you can get. You can make these at home using Kool-Aid and a bit of beeswax. If you don’t have beeswax, you can use petroleum jelly.

Use the Kool-Aid that you like so that the lip balm has a delightful smell and taste while on the lips. Tropical punch and grape are popular flavors to use. Small containers work well for holding the lip balm. Put about half of a cup of jelly in a bowl, and put the bowl in the microwave. It takes about four minutes to completely melt. Once it’s melted, add the Kool-Aid. Divide the mixture into the containers. Let the containers sit in the refrigerator until they are solid. You’ll have a fruity lip balm that is safe to use to keep the lips moist.

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, is a company that sells small round containers of lip balm. The balm comes in a round ball that easily glides onto the lips. There are several fun flavors available on Ulta and LuckyVitamin online, such as passion fruit and mint.

 EOS lip balm is safe to use as it’s been tested by a dermatologist. It helps to keep the lips smooth while helping to prevent chapped and cracked lips. Natural products are used in making the lip balm.

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Find Out More on Entrepreneur Doe Deere and Lime Crime Company

Doe Deere Lime Crime Tumblr
Doe Deere has really changed the face of business especially in cosmetics and beauty. She is the founder of Lime Crime Company and due to her efforts and hard work, the company has grown and expanded. In case you have a great taste for makeup, the word Doe Deere may not be that unfamiliar. Before she founded the company, she had an online store on eBay where she used to sell some of her products to clients. She also created clothes of her own and that’s when the idea of selling and creating makeup came into her mind. She realized that there was no makeup to match the clothes she sewed and that when she decided to make her own makeup and sell it at Lime Crime which was a small business by then. To her surprise, her hard work really paid off and her business blew up. Read more:


Lime Crime Company


Doe then realized that she can do much more in this industry and that’s when she decide to grow Lime Crime into a huge company. During this time, she moved her lovely and popular company into her own website. This was to help her customers access all her products which were makeup and lipstick easily. From that day, Doe and her company have been a great success in beauty industry and her makeup is really selling well in the market. She loved bright colors when she was young but she never thought one day she would have her own successful company.


Due to her efforts and being so popular, Galore Magazine arranged an interview with her so they could know more about her success. She told the history of her company and what drove her to build it. Her love for makeup was her inspiration and she wanted to introduce more and more makeup to people who love them. This was also to help inspire other ladies and men who are not as confident when wearing bright make up as she does. She loves bright colors and this is what motivates her to create lovely and lovable makeup products for her customer.




She also had one thing to say during the interview to her fellow makeup artists and those who wished to be successful as her. She motivated them to be themselves and also look upon her not as their successful entrepreneur but as their mentor as well. Doe has really introduced new and amazing makeup products to the world today and this has made her great in that industry.

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What’s So Special About Organo Gold?

The Organo Gold Company describes itself as a company with “Strong Leadership” and “One Powerful Vision”. This is proven by looking at the company’s accomplishments, range of products and successful business strategies. Uniting Organo Gold’s family of Preferred Customers and Distributors is a strong sense of loyalty to each other. It starts at the top and flows down through every member who believes in treating everyone fairly.

Founder and CEO Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 with co-founder, Shane Morand. Bernie was already a well known businessman and marketing executive honored as a most successful businessman in the Pacific Rim and winning awards for food supplements and Direct Sales awards five times.

Co-founder Shane Morand is recognized as the most successful salesman and developed the compensation plan, sales training and leadership development and their global expansion to six continents in five years. They were joined in 2010 by Holton Buggs as their Chief Visionary Officer who developed their integrated sales system and leadership from their offices in British Columbia.

The Vision of Bernardo Chua was to bring the treasures of earth to the people of the world and he started with an ancient herb from China known as Ganoderma for the first five years. He was one of the first to market the herb with coffees and teas outside of Asia.

His success and expansion has resulted in the company bringing many new treasures and products to the world and making Organo one of the most successful network marketing companies in the business community. Bernardo and his team continue to make new strides to have their brand recognized and sought after world-wide.

To fully understand and appreciate what the company has to offer, please visit their website at and view their latest products in Beverages, Brewing Cups, Body Management and Personal Care. Their successful distributors enjoy a “Seven Ways to Get Paid” advantage and Organo works with them continuously to boost their sales and personal profits and growth.

Read about the ways Bernardo Chua and his Executives and Management Team are reaching for the pinnacle of success and invite you to join them.

This is a unique opportunity in the business sales market and Organo has proven its worth. According to The Street, The success of the Preferred Customer and Distributor programs have further enhanced the popularity and reach for Organo Gold and that is just another treasure that Bernardo Chua has brought to the people of the world.