Bustle’s Emily McClure Tests Out WEN by Chaz

WEN by Chaz has received numerous success over the years for numerous reasons. Having come up with a wide range of products, their newest Cleansing Conditioners are some of the most unique products on their market. They are filled with all the right ingredients to help provide the hair with guiding and healing molecules without the harmful chemicals that can damage your hair follicles. It’s wise to be careful with what you do and use on your hair. The most interesting thing that you need to remember is the fact that WEN by Chaz is a reliable brand, and Emily Mcclure wanted to give it an honest shot so she can see what it could do.

Emily bought the Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner from Amazon. The product focused primarily on adding more moisture and volume to the hair. She noticed that her hair did get plenty of volume in just three short days. She did experience a slight bit of annoying hair grease occasionally after several hours, but this is only because it gives the hair that extra shine very quickly, and it could give the hard hair the lusciousness it really needs. The truth is that Wen by Chaz is an amazing company, and the only side effects that you may experience could only be felt by your specific hair, so her experience will probably be different from yours.

The best part about WEN by Chaz is that it’s a reliable brand that provides real solutions. The company has always offered unique products on the Sephora cosmetics market that are meant to help the hair with seeing more shine and fluff, alongside intense additional volume for size. It’s a company that is reliable and filled with immense ingredients. Emily explained that the product does have its flaws, but it definitely is a well respected company providing quality products.

To know more about Wen, visit http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html.

Texas Mortgage Bankers Association Appoints a New President

NexBank SSS is a regional bank based in Dallas, Texas. The $3billion local bank is delighted to announce Mary Pirrello as their new president for 2016 to 2017 term. Mary was the vice president of National Warehouse Lending at NexBank.

Mary has more an experience of 20 years in the industry. During her career life, Mary has served various leadership roles. Mary began the one-year term on May 3, 2016. Her focus is mainly on venture development and overseeing relationships for national warehouse loans department. Ms. Pirrello was named a Future Leader and received an award in 2010. Mary is an active committee member and board member of the TMBA. Her membership began in 2007.

Read original article here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nexbanks-mary-pirrello-appointed-president-144000396.html

During financial 2015, NexBank Capital Inc. reached record assets levels, earning, loans and deposits. It recorded assets of $2.72 billion, total deposits of $1.88 billion and loans of $1.97 billion. NexBank SSB prides itself in contributing to the growth of the company and upholding its well-capitalized status.

About NexBank SSB

It is a member of the NexBank Capital Inc. The NexBank Capital Inc. is a financial services firm that handles customers nationwide through their three key businesses. Their core businesses include:
• Commercial banking
• Investment
• Mortgage banking

NexBank SSN has a 1922 charter, and it handles financial organizations and institutional customers. The bank also serves real estate investors, large corporations and middle-market firms with various products and services. Customers can access the services even at night especially for urgent services like lost and stolen ATM and debit cards.

Nexbank also offers online services so clients can log in to their online banking account from the comfort of their homes. It has a cookie for the online banking system that protects online banking customers so that no unauthorized people can view their account information. NexBank offers personal banking.

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Show Your Patriotic Side With Fabletics

Kate Hudson does it again with style and comfort. As the creator of Fabletics (subscribe to them on YouTube), she understands perfectly just what customers are looking for when shopping. People want comfort in their active and even leisure wear, yet they also want style.

Gone are the days of wearing baggy jogging pants because they were oh so comfortable, but looked like they belonged to your boyfriend. Now are the days when cute outfits like Kate’s recent Fabletics bottom and bra combination impressed all of her Instagram followers as she modeled the patriotic wear.

It’s what keeps Kate Hudson and her line of trendy clothing popular; the way that she combines functionality and accessibility with fashion and high end stylish. She never takes it too far, but provides just enough to tease. She must be doing something right, Fabletics and this 4th of July get-up have people in-love.

Her Instagram post about the adorable American showed up in People magazine reaching even more people and making an even bigger splash around the nation. With her witty quip of her “airbrushed ass,” she grabs people’s attention while providing them with exactly what they are looking for.

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Kate Hudson isn’t afraid to show a little bit, but not too much, in order to make people take notice. Her previous post before Independence day with her beautiful silhouette shows she’s not afraid of being bold. It’s this same attitude that has helped to make Fabletics the success that it is today. Offering deals and great prices is one way that Fabletics gets people hooked. Aside from the affordability of Fabletic clothing, Kate also offers style and trendy pieces for the fashion-conscious active women she knows are out there.

If people had any doubts about her ability to run a popular clothing line, they only need to check out what she wears to events and how she always look great no matter what. She understands the active mom, the busy girl, and the sporty tom-boy who still wants to look pretty even while on the run.

Fabletics offers what everyone is looking for in their clothing: comfort and beauty. While they are mostly known for their active wear, Fabletics also recently showed off with some leisure wear that offers functionality and style for the woman who wants to look great for a date or work, but look fabulous doing it. From attractive black dresses to sporty exercise pants with trendy patterns, Fabletics is a fantastic place to shop. Source: http://www.fabletics.com/outfits

Reports of Stellar Earnings for the Fourth Quarter of 2015

In an article by PRN News, the Dallas-based financial services company NexBank, reports that they had a great year in 2015, and closed out their fourth quarter particularly strong. That makes 2015 the fourth consecutive year that NexBank has been able to set and break records in their earnings. Their overall income seems to just continues to climb higher and higher year-after-year. According to the article, “The Company reported total assets of $2.72 billion at year-end, a 48% growth over the prior year. Total loans increased 42% in 2015 to $1.97 billion, and total deposits grew 32% year-over-year and reached $1.88 billion”.

NexBank offers a full variety of banking and financial services which include personal banking, mortgages, commercial banking, and investment banking, just to name a few. Of course, they also offer the convenience of online banking for their customers at no additional charge, an industry standard these days.

NexBank has been providing valuable and essential banking services since their first charter bank in 1922. They say that it is their mission is that “Through industry leadership and a commitment to our clients, NexBank strives to deliver uncommon value at every opportunity. We provide our clients unrivaled access to sophisticated and custom-tailored solutions delivered by experienced professionals with proven track records of success”. They are led by an executive team, as well as, a board of directors. The executive team is made up of six members, led by the President and chief operational officer, John Holt. There are seven members of the board of directors wich is led by the chairman, James Dondero. James is also the co-founder and driector of Highland Capital Management.

For more information about NexBank, their products, or their qualified leadership team, you can visit https://www.nexbank.com/index.htm. There, you can also sign up for an account or contact the company.