The Intriguing Life of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has led a very interesting life. Over the years she has become someone that has managed to navigate her way to through a wave of different careers. I have been impressed with her climb in the corporate ladder. It is just amazing to see how she has been able to move from a smaller administrative role at a law office into making partner.

I have been able to draw inspiration from someone like Helane Morrison because she started a career in journalism, but she managed to transition. She has been able to build herself a strong career in the area of investigations, and I believe that this was built with her career in law. She became a lawyer before she became a compliance officer for Hall Capital. This was a great stepping stone for knowing and following the law. She also had a career in the world of Securities and Exchange Commissions for San Francisco. I think that this is the huge job platform that challenged people to see her credentials on display.

It has been my destiny to enter into the corporate world, but there is a big struggle for females to become equipped with the knowledge to actually move into the corporate sector. What I like about Morrison is the fact that she took the back road that many women overlook. Many people may be trying to get into presidential roles, but Helane Morrison was very intriguing to me. She bypassed these areas, and she made her way into the world of compliance officers and corporate rules. This has become something that she is good at, and she doesn’t take this role lightly.

I am impressed with Helane Morrison because she seems to be a natural talent that has been able to rise up beyond the limitations that may have been put on her. Many people may not have assumed that a journalism major would make these types of strides in an industry that is not journalism. She has proven herself to be a person that really takes great interest in law and conducting investigations. She has shown herself to be a person that makes the most of her life and her career. Helane Morrison has been able to rise to the top because she has built trust in the corporate world. She has been able to crack down on corruption and serve as corporate counsel.

Brian Bonar Wins Executive of the Year Award

Financial and business services executive, Brian Bonar, honored as Executive of the Year by the Cambridge Who’s Who® registry. Bonar was recognized for his accomplishments, leadership abilities, and impressive record of giving back to the community in the financial sector. “I am truly honored and would like to thank the Cambridge Who’s Who for this recognition,” said Bonar.

Each year the competition is intense and Cambridge Who’s Who bestows the Executive of the Year Award upon an individual whose contributions and accomplishments have had an impact in their field and has stood out during the year. Since 1975, Cambridge Who’s Who has honored top executives and has more than 250,000 inductees on their registry. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Award recipient, Brian Bonar built his career as an employer business solutions professional. He founded Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. in 2009, turning it into the area’s most respected staffing company’s, and over the past seven years, Brian Bonar has delivered on employer solution strategies for major corporations and brands. “Brian Bonar possess what is unquestionably pivotal qualities an effective leader must retain – vision, and clear communication that is convincingly consistent,” and “His achievements inspire everyone to strive for success,” said one associate.

Brian Bonar has been a successful finance professional for decades, and has held key financial leadership roles in the industry. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering, and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, Bonar accepted his first role with IBM as a procurement manager, successfully using his superb analytical skills,and managing the job as primary point of contact between the business and its suppliers. Read more: TREP Brian Bonar Insider Trades for Trucept Inc.

Bonar continued to move forward and proved his leadership capabilities at QMS as the Director of Engineering. From there, he was promoted to President of Marketing and Sales at Rastek Corporation. Succession up the ladder moved Bonar to new challenges at Adaptec, Itec Imaging Technologies, and Allegiant Professional Business Services.

Today, Brian Bonar is Chairman and CEO at Trucept, Inc, Delrada Financial Services, and Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc., serving as a rare example of commitment and a devotee of performance and triumph.

About Delrada Financial Services

Delrada is a leading staffing service that helps clients diminish the juggling by providing employee solution programs that help to improve efficiency, such as reduced costs, streamlined processes, overall increased profits.

About Smart-Tek Automated Services

Smart-Tek Automated Services is a leading IT employee staffing firm serving a wide range of small to mid-sized businesses, and is ranked as a top agency in back office solutions. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor