Venezuela’s Power Shortage Crisis

The government of Venezuela, in an effort to conserve energy, has announced plans to shift the country’s time zone. Although Venezuela has large reserves of crude oil, most of the country uses hydro power for electricity. There has been a shortage of electricity recently in the country due to low levels of water in the dam used to generate hydro power. The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced the shift in the country’s time zone as one of the steps to be taken to deal with the electricity shortage. The time change is anticipated to take effect on May 1, 2016.
In addition based on, the President imposed rations on 15 shopping malls that apparently consumed excessive energy in contravention of the law. The President also declared Monday, April 19, 2016 a public holiday with the hope that closure of offices and schools would conserve energy. The President has also sent out the army to ensure that there is compliance with energy usage laws throughout the country.

Some critics like Norka argue that these measures are too small to solve the problem. Critics also argue that the energy crisis is caused by the government’s own incompetence and poor planning. Ultimately, only time will tell if these newly adopted measures will make a difference in the country’s power shortage crisis.

More Women Are Jumping Onto The Athleisure Bandwagon

The word that seems to be on everyone’s lips these days in the world of fashion is athleisure. More brands seem to be interested in offering female consumers clothing that can travel with them across the many facets of their lives. While some big names in the world of women’s mass market casual apparel like Gap, Banana Republic and Anthropologie seem to be struggling to figure out exactly what contemporary women want to wear, the storied athletic apparel company Nike did pretty well in 2015. As Business Insider points out, it seems that consumers are beginning to want a little more from the companies that they purchase their clothes from. The business site on suggests that consumers are interested in connecting with a company’s ethos (i.e. “Just Do It” or “Impossible Is Nothing”) but perhaps the reason that athleisure is beginning to resonate so strongly with consumers is because it provides very real value to the person buying it: a piece of clothing that is durable and that can be worn to any occasion.

Fabletics, an athleisure clothing line that is fronted by starlet Kate Hudson and owned by the actress and the company behind Kim Kardashian’s shoe service brand Shoe Dazzle, is taking the concept of athleisure to new levels. Fabletics on youtube will be adding dresses and swimsuits to the stylish sports bras and leggings that they already sell. One of the benefits of the brand’s swimsuits and dresses is that they are built with the same attention to detail as their flattering, derriere-lifting leggings. Hudson told Marie Claire that Fabletics used the same material for their dresses as they do for their firming leggings. The result are dresses that “tuck everything in” the same way that a piece from a luxury fashion line might for a price point that is much kinder to a customer’s wallet. Their bathing suits will be just as stylish as anything that a Sports Illustrated cover model might wear but they will likely be much sturdier. The customers that wear them should be able to move around in them without having to worry about anything coming loose as they are “performance focused.”

WEN BY Chaz Making Hair Look Geat

Sick of using several different products for hair? An all in one shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment might be the best option. WEN Hair is one such product. Unlike other combined hair products, WEN by Chaz can take the place of five products, according to its website. One bottle of Wen hair can replace shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. On top of the cleansing conditioner WEN offers on, they also have styling products such as nourishing mousse, and anti-frizz cream and re-moist intensive hair treatment.


Although many people prefer using separate products, under the impression that it works better, Emily McClure with Bustle shared the positive results of WEN Hair by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner in a recent online article. Following the instructions on the bottle, Emily noticed a difference after the first day of use, commenting that her hair actually felt thicker. Each day Emily enjoyed the way the product made her hair look and feel especially after getting complimented on how shiny and soft her hair looked. Emily’s article went through seven normal days of use. Despite noticing a bit of greasiness in the morning, Emily thought WEN by Chaz was a great product to use. Her ultimate advice is to use WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner if you are a regular morning shower kind of person otherwise your hair might be a bit more oily than normal.


WEN by Chaz comes in different scents including sweet almond mint, lavender and pomegranate. Products come in different kits. One kit has five hair care products for $39.95 and the other is three products for $29.95. The company offers a money back guarantee on all their products up to 60 days. Customers can sign up for the Amazon subscription service, in which WEN will send new products each month.



Wikipedia to Get New Technology

A new project has been crowd-sourced with the purpose of adding a text to speech feature to Wikipedia. This is to improve the accessibility of the online encyclopedia and help people understand what they are reading. The KTH Royal Institute of Technology University in Sweden is developing the speech platform. Wikipedia approached the university in order to develop the feature. One thing that attracted Wikipedia to the university in Sweden is that it has experience and expertise in text to speech synthesis. Wikipedia is going to be the host of the servers with the development of a version that is optimized for it.

Wikipedia is one company that is very accessible. This means that it is easy to edit a Wikipedia page. For people that do not have time to create a Wikipedia page, there are companies that specialize in the creation and maintenance of a Wikipedia page. One such Wikipedia writing service is Get Your Wiki. It is full of professional Wiki experts for hire that are willing to work with their clients in order to understand their business and write or update a Wiki page with the information that is accurate to the company. Get Your Wiki will also take the time to make sure that any information that is edited in will be checked and then will make Wikipedia revisions if the information is not accurate to the company.The new technology that is coming to Wikipedia is going to be very innovative. People will not only have an easier time reading the information on Wikipedia, but they will also learn the pronunciation of certain words. The text to speech feature is going to not only improve the vocabulary of many, but also make Wikipedia an overall better site. It will also help with the sentence structure of the content. People will be able to improve their writing with the new feature.

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