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Wengie is the name of one of the most subscribed to beauty and fashion YouTube channels in Australia. In fact, this channel has around one million subscribers and tens of millions of accumulative views throughout its existence on YouTube. The mastermind behind this operation is Australian born Wendy Huang. She is of Chinese descent herself and caters most of her YouTube videos for an audience of Asian descent. The primary focus of the videos on the Wengie channel include how to videos that teach viewers a multitude of tasks regarding fashion and beauty.

Wengie is also successful on other YouTube channels such as the Life of Wengie advice and vlog channel as well as the Wengie Official music and dance channel. Combined these two channels have over sixty thousand subscribers. These are off shoot channels of her main Wengie channel but are still impressively successful as subscribers get to see different sides of Wengie’s personality and life style. In addition, Wengie also offers services to help people grow their social media presence on YouTube as well as Instagram where she has much success as well.

There are many people who have made it YouTube famous by getting large amounts, even millions of subscribers in some cases. These YouTube celebrities can be seen in all types of niches from fitness to comedy and much more. This phenomenon of YouTube celebrities is a fairly new one as YouTube continues to become one of the most used and viewed websites in the world. Billions of people use YouTube each year and billions of searches are entered into this platform. It is a very enticing website as the accounts are completely free and offer users a great way to showcase anything they want. From advice to entertainment and anything in between, users have complete freedom as long as it doesn’t violate some of YouTube’s policies. Some people, such as Wengie, have even been able to create successful brands or businesses out of YouTube and the large amounts of subscribers that enjoy their content. This trend will seemingly continue to grow as YouTube itself grows.

Igor Cornelsen Says Tax Friendly Countries Seduce The US

“Tax haven is such a controversial word, even considered questionable or taboo,” says Igor Cornelsen, a leading financial investment guru with Bainbridge Investments. Yet, many of today’s tax avoidance maneuvers are completely legal, and experts claim, the loopholes are not the fault of big corporations. Cornelsen adds, “If you pass laws that are attractive and favorable to corporations, do you think no one will ever try and benefit from them?” and “taking advantage of laws that are advantageous to lowering tax liabilities is exactly what you’d expect from your accounting department.”

For decades, Igor Cornelsen has specialized in investment and finance, and he’s looked for ways clients can diminish tax liabilities, including investing abroad. “Next to Wall Street, the UK continues to be the largest financial center in the world and a cobweb of tax havens,” says Cornelsen on PR Newswire. There is a rule that dates back to the late 19th century and states that UK registered companies are only taxable if control in the country is exercised, and this is naturally exploited. For example, US companies are usually and more than likely ran from their home office in the US, and thus bypass paying hefty tax fees.

Additionally, another colonial British law states foreigners who simply reside in England do not have full British domicile status, and therefore do not pay the same tax. This allows the wealthy to bypass England’s local tax laws.

The mega merger between American-based Pfizer and Ireland-based Allergan offers a significant tax savings with the merged operations consolidating offices over in tax favorable Ireland. This merger creates the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Also Allergan was originally a US company that was taken over by the Irish company Actavis only six months ago. Now US government officials are calling this marriage the ultimate tax evasion. “Europe has been under pressure to lift the veil of secrecy, and no one wants the trouble, so the fight against legalized tax havens typically splits Europe,” says Igor Cornelsen. Today, those tax loopholes remain and the EU has no intention of intervening.

The Authority on Money-making

When Igor Cornelsen moved from his native Brazil to South Florida, he planned on golfing everyday, but sometimes you can’t change old habits. A master of finance and investments, Cornelsen couldn’t stay away from making money, and started a new company – Bainbridge Investments. “Regardless of the criticisms, as you can plainly see with the Pfizer-Allergan deal, tax friendly countries remain a favorable option and nothing is likely to change anytime soon,” says Cornelsen.

Successful Michigan Businessman Dick DeVos Backs Candidate Marco Rubio

Dick DeVos, the politically active billionaire, entrepreneur and philanthropist, has given his endorsement to republican candidate Marco Rubio. The Michigan native is hoping his support is able to boost the chances of Rubio in his battle for the republican nomination. DeVos stated that it has taken time for him to learn about all candidates before feeling comfortable enough to make a choice. He firmly stands behind his selection, as he feels Rubio has the experience and vision necessary to be president.

DeVos, an heir to the Amway fortune, and his wife Betsy are well known throughout Michigan for their political activism and their charitable causes. DeVos has a lengthy resume (found on New Netherland Institute) that includes working in many positions within the Amway corporation (see this Michigan Live article), being CEO and President of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise and running for governor of Michigan in 2006. He has also started and operated numerous businesses of his own in a variety of industries.
Dedicated to republican causes, both he and his wife have donated generously to the GOP and numerous individual candidates. He is also a passionate advocate for the school voucher system, reducing the control union bosses have over Michigan workers and numerous other causes that affect the population of his home state.

DeVos’ philanthropic work is completed through his charity, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, where he is acting President.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The organization has helped to open a public charter high school for aviation students, the first of its kind in the nation. This is partially due to the couple’s passion for education and partially due to Dick’s penchant for flight.

Additional projects include; funding for the arts, educational scholarship programs and the financing of local pollution studies as well as much more.Visit Dick on LinkedIn to learn more about his career >>

QNET and Women Entrepreneurs do Business Together

Opportunities seem boundless in the modern age. The Internet can take a great deal of responsibility for this, giving the individual the ability to reach out to customers, clients and partners all over the world. This allows them to solidify the foundation for a business, the opportunity to grow, and a chance to develop in ways that may not have been possible through other avenues. But even with the resources made available, not everyone can make it on their own. For those looking for a business partnership, an entrepreneur can find their way to success through QNET as their other employees have (Glassdoor page).

Being an entrepreneur is a dream many aspire to. Working for oneself, the entrepreneur can separate from traditional fixed-income employment and set their own working hours as they best align with their personal lives, increase revenue through intrepid innovation of their business, and dedicate their working energy towards something that they find they’re passionate about. To help them along the way. QNET has extended partnerships to women, a growing demographic among entrepreneurial ventures.Coinciding with International Women’s Day, QNET unveiled their initiative to partner up with more women working independently in businesses. Through this initiative, QNET seeks to offer up necessary business tools to women through a cooperative effort they could then apply to their own business ventures in the future.

QNET has long championed an effort to have a diverse work environment that seeks to make its workforce equal among genders. This is best represented among their direct sellers who, according to the Direct Selling Association, is 74% women. The direct selling component is instrumental to QNET’s operations. In fact, their MENA Regional General Manager, Khaled Diab, has stated that the make up of this department has led to their success in the MENA region.

To all #QNET ladies, Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Stay strong, stay gorgeous!

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Women playing a central role in QNET’s business is beneficial, both from a visual perspective to the general public, appearing more modern and egalitarian, and from an economic perspective, there’s also a benefit to these kinds of partnerships that benefit all. The United States Agency of International Development, has numbers on countries with exclusionary economies, where women are often kept from educational opportunities and access to work leads to a sluggish economy that is not globally competitive. What the USAID recommends is to make opportunity something that is accessible to all, particularly to women and young girls. And it’s through that effort that countries can be made prosperous, an assessment QNET has agreed with and seeks to further, through their company and partnerships.

10 Reasons we think you are a #QNET POWER WOMAN: #InternationalWomensDay!

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