Harry Harrison and his entrepreneurial journey

Recently, Harry Harrison, the talented entrepreneur was interviewed by Indeamensch.com and talked of his successful journey in entrepreneurship and his current business endeavors. He has a lot to talk about the financial industry, entrepreneurship, and his busy life when he was working at Barclays. Working in a large corporate organization for more than twenty years is a great achievement, and he has a lot of insights to give to other entrepreneurs who are starting their long journey. For those years in the financial industry, he has managed to manage sales teams, work as a derivatives trader and as an investor. For three years he headed the Barclays non-core division, and it was successful during his tenure.

After working for many years at Barclays and helping it to achieve many goals, Harry decided to try life outside busy working environment. In 2017 he left the organization, and since then his life has been full of various experiences. The graduate of the University of Warwick and a holder of Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Cambridge has enjoyed staying at home and helping his children in many ways.


Talking about how he manages to succeed with ideas, Harry says he prefers being honest with people, and he does not prepare a long list of things to do in his entrepreneurship journey. He knows the things to handle first and focuses on those things. Harrison believes in handling the most urgent problems. Harry also loves delegating some responsibilities if he has a lot of things to handle. He also understands that some things may not be done at the end of the day and allocates them more time. As long as things are moving forward, he believes it is a success.

Life from the busy world

Harrison says he is happy with the decision he took. It has been an exciting and fulfilling life staying at home as a dad and being with his children. He has now understood how life is being close and spending time with his children. While at home he loves trying new things and helping his children. He also spends time with his wife who is also an entrepreneur.

When Will Ryan Seacrest & Shayna Thompson Tie the Knot?

Shayna Taylor and Ryan Seacrest are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. They’ve had an on-again, off-again love affair for a few years now and while the two say they’re perfectly synched and meant to be, there’s no rush to head down the aisle, at least yet. When Seacrest was asked how his family felt about his no-rush marriage commitment, he laughed it off with those gorgeous dimples we all love and said that all eyes are on his sister and the new baby she’s just welcomed into the world.

The couple seems to have it all together, so it is understandable why neither is in a rush to sign a marriage certificate. And without any pressure from mom or family members, Ryan can continue to make his girl happy just the way they are. Seacrest leads a pretty busy life, after all, and the Dick Clark Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Party is just around the corner. When he’s done with that, he’ll rush into the studio to record his radio show and tape Live! With Kelly and Ryan. He also produces a few shows for the E! Network, including Keeping Up With The Kardashians. You’ve also seen his face on American Idol alongside Simon Cowell and the rest of the crew over the years as the co-host. Ryan is a busy man, as his girlfriend.

Like the rest of the family, Seacrest (and Taylor) are preparing to welcome in the new baby. Seacrest is 43-years old and this is his first niece, so it is an experience that is new even for him. It’s hard to imagine with a list as long as Ryan’s that having a baby in the immediate family isn’t among them! But, there’s little question he’ll be a great uncle and make baby smile and laugh as much as he has the rest of America for so very long now.

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How Wes Edens Investment in Aston Villa F.C. Will Redefine English Football

Wes Edens is one of the best investors of our time. Over the years, he has made some investment moves that have ended up being super successful. In the last 24 months, he expanded his investment journey to England. This time, Edens made a move to invest in one of the most competitive soccer leagues in the world. According to soccer pundits, his funding to the famous Aston Villa F.C. will be instrumental in making the soccer team the next competitive team in English football. Together with his friend and investment partner, Nassef Sawiris, their contribution will redefine the future of English football and especially for Aston Villa F.C.

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The funding deal was also to the best interest to both the club and Wes Edens. For example, Tony Xia remains an integral part of the club as the vice chairperson. This move according to pundits will help the club maintain its culture and competitiveness even after the funding. However, Wes Edens and his investment partner are the majority shareholders. It will be stimulating to see how the new funding will do to the club management and the future of football in England. The funding also challenges the investment tradition in soccer, where most of the investors have been shy to make bold moves.

The investment move according to Wes Edens is another chance for him to invest in sports. He has always loved sports, and he is one of the few investors who believe that sports are a viable investment option. The Oregon State University graduate has in the past invested in different other areas especially in the private equity market. Edens believes that expanding risks is one of the smartest ways to have better investment returns. Apart from his investments, he has worked with Fortress, where he is a principal, in making distressed assets profitable again.

Different things make Edens one of the best investors of our time. First, he is a principled man. In all his investment moves, he always leans toward deals that have an impact on humanity such as transport, healthcare and sometimes financial institutions. Second, Edens is a firm believer in hard work, and this is evident in his strict schedules.

Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=372235&privcapId=3554707&previousCapId=666715&previousTitle=Fortress%20Investment%20Group%20LLC

The Success of Sunday Riley and Her Brand Named After Her

Sunday Riley is a beauty brand established in 2007 and launched in September 2009 by none other than Sunday Riley herself, who used her own name to represent the brand. During the first two years, her products were thoroughly tested 24/7 in a laboratory to create the best beauty products available. Sunday Riley, an entrepreneur hailing from the Lone Star State, has been obsessed with healthy skincare products since she was 12 years old. Not to mention, her grandmother spent several years teaching her how to apply native American botanicals to her skin. This includes regeneration, detoxification, and healing. Also, her grandmother taught her the secret of agelessness! As a result, she decided to build her own beauty brand relying on her own experience in the beauty field and from the lessons she learned as a young woman.

Sunday Riley believes that there isn’t anything better for the skin than a good mix of botanicals and biotechnology. In fact, that’s what inspired Sunday Riley to turn modern skincare into a modern luxury for women. On that note, that’s why she spent so much time testing ingredients, the formula had to be perfect and the quality had to be the best. Now she has her own store in NYC and business is booming. Especially after the success, she had with Good Genes, Power Couple, Tidal and several other top-selling products. There’s no doubt it, people love Sunday Riley, you can find her on any social media outlet and see for yourself how much praises she gets for her beauty products, it’s quite inspirational none the less! Furthermore, she built a strong reputation through her superior brand. People are excited to try her products for themselves, then after a pleasant experience, they quickly tell their friends & family. According to Sunday, this is what allowed her brand to become successful. It’s all about word of mouth when you create something people love and enjoy, they tell everybody about it!

In conclusion, Sunday Riley is more than the brand founder, she’s also the brand formulator as well! Not to mention, each Sunday Riley product is a powerful treatment that’s been improved to target the quality of the skincare. This includes signs of old aging, oiliness, dryness, dehydration, & acne. On that note, when it comes to healthy skincare, only powerful and balanced products will give you the results you desire.

Jason Hope Is On A Path To A Brighter Future For Everyone

The future is a very important thing to think about when it comes to what we do in our everyday lives. Jason Hope is currently living his life with the future in mind and he is doing whatever he can to make it brighter for everyone out there.

Jason is an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur, but he has made philanthropy a constant aspect of his daily life. Over the years, he has been supporting philanthropic causes and projects all over the world. There is no limit to the industry that Jason Hope is looking to improve or even invest in, though his major focuses are healthcare and technology, two of the biggest industries out there today.

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Jason Hope currently lives in Arizona where he holds the titles of investor, entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and technological expert. Over the years, Jason has put forth exiting ideas in a variety of different industry, including biomedicine, finances, anti-aging, the internet, and of course technology. One of Jason’s biggest accomplishments and contributions to the humanitarian cause is his donation to the SENS Foundation, which totaled at 500 thousand dollars. The entire organization was grateful for Jason’s donation to help further their research and it will help them make many improvements to their methods moving forward with better technology.

These days, Jason Hope has his very own blog that he remains active on that anyone can visit. On his blog, Jason writes about many different subjects, mostly he is focused on technology, healthcare, and business. Through this platform, Jason can express his thoughts and ideas to anyone to start discussions and get more people thinking and talking about important subjects. One of the latest entries on his blog was focused on new advancements in Wi-Fi technology, which could mean people will be seeing wireless and powerless Wi-Fi devices that can be moved anywhere at any time.

Cosmetic Surgery and Dr. Jennifer Walden

Specializing in aesthetic surgery and medicine, Dr. Jennifer L Walden is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is well-known for her amazing dedication and is currently recognized as one of the Texas Super Doctors according to Texas Monthly.

Dr. Jennifer Walden began her practice in New York and now has her own business of Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. Dr. Walden and her team are highly motivated and dedicated to high standards of work. They believe first and foremost in patient safety.

Dr. Walden was born and raised in TX. She received undergraduate degree at the University of TX. There she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Biology. She has received many awards throughout her life including American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award (2004), The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation (1998), and the Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and Scholarship (1998).

After her schooling, she moved to New York. They chose her to fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital (Meeth). She worked with internationally known leaders in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery and learned innovative technology. She served as program director for this hospital until she moved back to Austin, TX. During her stay in New York, she worked with renowned surgeons like Dr. Aston, Dr. Daniel Baker, and Dr. Alan Matarasso. Through these well-known doctors, she learned new skills and refined her techniques. They taught her many things about running a first-class cosmetic surgery business.

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Experienced CEO, Matthew Fleeger, Is Heading Oil Company Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is benefiting from one of the smartest CEOs in the entire industry of natural gas and oil, Matthew Fleeger. This man, who also takes charge in the positions of president and director, has certainly made his mark as its leader. During his time with the company he has been key to its positive progression, and, with his unique skills and marketing background, it is unlikely that anyone else could have done a better job.

Southern Methodist University is the institution at which Matthew Fleeger studied before embarking on a professional career. He was then ready to enter the business world, and founded an organization known as MedSolutions, Inc. It makes sense that he is now Gulf Coast Western’s leader, since he also headed this company earlier in his career. Both president and chief executive officer were positions that Mr. Fleeger filled at this business, long before rising to prominence with an oil and gas business.

If he wishes to improve on a company’s performance, then Matthew Fleeger has a wealth of ideas at his fingertips; a few examples are joint ventures, structure and the culture inside the organization. Palm Beach Tan, Inc. benefited massively when, as director, Fleeger managed to scale the organization to new heights and ultimately aid it in becoming America’s largest chain of tanning salons. This type of experience is certainly going to help him moving forward with Gulf Coast Western’s strong business model.

One would certainly expect that Gulf Coast Western will be rivaling the giants of the industry in the very, very near future, given that Chief Executive Officer Matthew Fleeger is not a stranger to the rapid expansion of companies under his authority. How long this process will take and exactly how it will be accomplished, however, remain to be discovered.

The Key to Flawless Hair

A woman’s hair is like her business card. It gives the first impression of her personality, style, and confidence. In order to make your hair shine and look its absolute best, you have to invest time, and money into proper and regular hair care.

Common hair care mistakes
Women often don’t take the time to get to know their hair. Everyone is different, so understanding your hair type is crucial to having beautiful and healthy hair. For instance, if you have very curly hair, then you can go longer between washes. Over washing is a common mistake made by women when it comes to regular hair care. Washing on a daily basis strips your hair of its natural oils and proteins that are essential for healthy hair and scalp. Using the incorrect shampoo and conditioner is another common mistake women make when it comes to hair maintenance. For flawless hair, you have to choose the best shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair. If you have thick, coarse, and curly hair, you want to use a shampoo that’s made for that type of hair.

Choose a high-quality brand
When it comes to hair care, skimping on price is not a good idea. A high-quality QVC sold brand is ideal and will have your hair looking absolutely amazing and healthy. WEN by Chaz Dean is a high-quality brand of hair care products that have a proven track record of success at restoring hair quality and health. Hair care products by WEN Hair Care include unique formulas for conditioning, cleansing, and detangling.

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Hussain Sajwani Founder DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties started in 2002 is known as a luxury real estate developer in the Middle East. Situated in Dubai, The property is owned by a wealthy tycoon named Hussain Sajwani who is a property developer who seems to have insight on how Dubai will prosper and has prospered regardless of the regional turmoil that is present. He founded DAMAC and was even ranked by Forbes in 2017, among the best growing global companies.

Hussain business profile is a rich one. Living in Dubai, he has ensured UAE is growing and developing. Having graduated in the University of Washington and getting himself a job in GASCO as a Contracts Manager. He worked for sometime before having his own business. His skills in sales and marketing, legal and finance as well as administration have put him in the forefront towards DAMAC success.

Today, Hussain Sajwani is a market leader and recognized person in the business world, especially in the property market in Dubai. With an increase in people coming to Emirates, he saw the need to build hotels for accommodation. It is this dream that translated to DAMAC Properties. The property has various investments in many cities in the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Amman, Beirut, Dubai, and London among others.

As time goes by, DAMAC Properties have had new initiatives and has made collaborative moves in ensuring that the company is at the forefront of revolutionizing real estate by providing new concepts and designs to the market. For example Versace, Fendi Casa, Just Cavalli to mention a few. DAMAC Properties is not only known for business but also is involved in a few of Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting young Arabs in software training. An initiative which was conducted by Dubai Future Foundation.

All this has been made possible by Hussain Sajwani, is the ability to convert the vision to corporate reality. DAMAC Properties is in the roadmap to success and growth because of him. Hussain continues to be a frontier in the property market and is also a member of the various company.

How Jingdong.com Got On Seal Awards’ Radar

Jingdong is a Chinese company and a technology-driven e-commerce and retail infrastructure provider. In mid-November 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award announced JD.com is this years winner, after the companies serious commitment to sustainability worldwide.

Jingdong.com was chosen by the SEAL award because of the contributions to environmental causes, social innovation, and impact through its Corporate Responsibility Program. An example of their acknowledged initiatives is a program in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund. The collaboration is a program which goal is to make consumption more available, especially focusing on textile. The home country and base of Jingdong.com is China, where the majority of the world’s textile production takes place.

The collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund is also involving the Tencent Foundation. The program is centered about recycling clothes and textiles and has collected around 1 million pieces of various textiles since 2016 when the project first started. The clothes are gathered from people’s homes and ends up like recycled fabrics ready to be used for other purposes, as donations to areas suffering from poverty within China, or as gifts to organizations that can resell the objects and keep all the earnings.

Jingdong.com has made an effort to involve other companies who are leaders in their field worldwide, such as the giant Unilever and PepsiCo, among 81 other brand names. JD.com is working with these corporations to promote the use of recycled materials in their productions, as well as reducing the use of plastic, where that is possible. JD.com also donates money directly through a collaboration with 21 vendors, when consumers purchase selected orders.

It is not only through extensive collaborations with giant global companies that the retailer was acknowledged by the SEAL Business Sustainability Award. Jingdong.com has also taken innovative action through apparently simple tricks, like switching to a thinner kind of tape on their packaging, and thus saving 100 million meters of plastic tape over two years time.

A currently ongoing and extensive program under Jingdongs.com leadership is focusing on the consciousness and awareness of the consumer. By making the consumer demand environmentally friendly products, all retailers and corporations of the world have to keep up

Learn more about JD : http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1119371.shtml