Desiree Perez: The Story Behind the Success of ROC Nation

As Jay Z $150, million landmark deal is coming to an end, there is no indication that the prominent rap music genius is planning to extend the deal. The ten-year deal which was signed in 2008 between Jay Z and Live Nation stated that each party could buy or sell their ROC Nation’s stake. The deal will come to a close in 2018, and it will be up for grabs.

According to reliable sources, Live Nation anticipates continuing its profitable touring deal with Jay Z, but they want to recuse from the recorded music business. Up to the end of the deal, Live Nation had purchased into Jay Z’s recorded music and rights, but henceforth they are withdrawing from recorded music entirely.

There have been lots of speculations about ROC Nation after Jay Z and Desiree Perez; ROC Nation’s executive director had a meeting with Universal Music Group’s chairman and CEO, Lucian Grange, at his offices in Santa Monica. Ever since there have been speculations that UMG is planning on buying a stake in ROC Nation.

If the deal with UMG goes through, it will avail more resources to Jay Z, and it would help him develop new artists and augment his streaming service Tidal. Universal Music Group is already in contract with ROC Nation regarding distribution. However, the agreement favors UMG in that it can have a larger stake of artists affiliated with ROC Nation. Some of the artists under ROC Nation include Jay, Meek Mill, Rihanna Shakira and Fat Joe.  Related article on

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez popularly known as Dez Perez is a close associate of Jay Z for over 20 years and is the Executive person of Jay Z’s ROC Nation. She has positioned herself well in the music industry due to her abilities to source good deals for various artists as well her good record in running the affairs of SC Enterprises.

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Desiree Perez is known for negotiating Beyonce’s Formation Stadium. Dez Perez was also very influential in Rihanna’s Samsung deal. She is also expected to play a major role in the cashing in of Jay Z’s $150 million deal with Live Nation.for Dez recent timeline activities, click on

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Jason Halpern is committed to Restoring Glory to Historical Sites as well as Helping the Community

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason Halpern’s JMH Development took a remarkable stride in the real estate industry when they opened the Aloft South Beach hotel two years ago. The hotel is among the biggest hotels in the Miami Beach, with eight stories and more than 230 rooms of an average floor space of 360 sq. ft. Aloft South Beach is merely a block away from the shores of Miami Beach, giving the hotel’s guests easy access to Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal. The Plaza Construction Company handled the construction part while ADD, Inc. were the architects.


Jason’s Legacy


Aloft South Beach was built on the site that was previously occupied by Motel Ankara, earning it a lot of praise for reducing urban sprawl in the region. This project stamped Jason’s legacy of reusing historical sites and restoring their lost glory. Reusing historical sites, however, is not as easy as it sounds since the local community usually objects due to their emotional attachment to the property. Jason has earned a lot of respect from other real estate market players for his ability to create a rapport with the local community, making it easy for his company to develop countless historical sites.


Jason’s Involvement in Philanthropy


Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

When not doing business, Jason involves himself in community empowerment programs and philanthropy. He has hugely invested in buying equipment for the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center that offers open-heart & orthopedic surgeries as well as neurosurgery. The facility also attends to pregnant women and children living in Westchester. Through JMH Development, Jason has collaborated with the Relief Society of Tigray and Splash to provide clean water to many Ethiopians and Nepalese.


About JMH Development


Jason’s Family

JMH Development is one of the most seasoned and prominent full-service real estate development companies in the U.S. The firm employs innovation at its best in all their projects, making it the leading developer in State-of- the-art and uniquely designed properties nationwide. JMH develop both residential and commercial properties.


JMH is also famous for its talented team of experts as well as their diligent professional marketing team. These specialists combined with their wealth of experience in the industry have seen the firm develop properties in the most competitive regions in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Miami Beach.


Rocketship Education Giving Low-Income Neighborhood Fighting Chance

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit elementary charter schools that enroll students from the low-income neighborhood. The network was established to give excellent curriculum which was limited in those areas. In 1999, a Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, Father Mateo Sheedy created the Juan Diego Scholarship to Santa Clara University. He noted that a large number of children in his parish did not have the basic education to qualify for those prestigious colleges. After his death, two education entrepreneurs, John Danner and Preston Smith continued his legacy and opened the Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary in 2007.


Currently, the Rocketship Education has eighteen schools serving Milwaukee, Washington DC, Bay Area and Nashville communities. The network of schools had to look for a system that will narrow the gap between the expensive private schools and public schools performance. Rocketship understands that each child is different. They find a way to let them study in their way while combining tutoring, traditional instructions, and technology. The schools encourage parents to be advocates for their children and then put an effort in training teachers. This ensures there is a positive impact on students and the larger community.

The culture

Rocketship encourages a positive culture to the students, teachers, and parents. The schools have five core values that they expect everyone to follow: responsibility, respect, persistence, empathy, and gratitude. They recently came up with a strategy that will show gratitude between students. Each student is expected to write on a piece of paper what they appreciate about other students. After seven days, a student gets seven papers that show who is grateful and for what.

Parents of Rocketship Education are involved in interviewing teachers who want to join the school. In many schools, parents do not get the chance meet their children’s teachers until when school is opened but Rocketship thought it is beneficial if parents get involved as early as during interviews. The network of schools also want to create a sense of community, and that is why they opened the new school in Ward 8. Even though the community is considered unsafe, Rocketship officials said they want to operate more like a neighborhood school.

Karl Heideck’s Observations On Philadelphia’s New Salary Law

In order to facilitate the change needed to fight for gender equality in the workplace, Philadelphia became the first city in the U.S. to pass a law keeping employers from accessing prospective employees’ prior earnings on January 23, 2017.

On April 6, 2017, just months before the new law was scheduled to go live, The Chamber of Commerce filed for a preliminary injunction that bot the city and district courts dismissed. Human Resource departments within these businesses will need to review their hiring processes and make the necessary changes in order to comply with the new law.

Fortunately, there are many businesses who are welcoming this new law with open arms as it is changes like these that are making change within the U.S. possible. However, those companies who do not abide by the new law will face fines for violations upwards of $2,000 for each occurrence. States that appear to be following suit with these sorts of changes include Washington D.C., Massachusetts, California, among others.

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In 2009, Karl Heideck earned his Juris Doctor Degree from Templeton University Beasley School of Law. He began as a Project Attorney at Pepper Hamilton LLP and moved on as an Associate at Conrad O’Brien. Karl Heideck is a licensed and board certified attorney who practices general law in Philadelphia, PA.

Karl Heideck represents both individuals and organizations. He draws his experience from a variety of areas to include reviewing risk management, litigation, government investigations, white collar criminal defense, product liability, corporate law, employment law, and compliance. Karl Heideck is also skilled in research and writing as it pertains to the legal industry.

Jim Tananbaum Helps Make Healthcare Progress Possible

Jim Tananbaum is currently the CEO of Foresite Capital as well as its founder. Since 2011 when he began both roles, Foresite Capital has been a facilitator under Tananbaum’s leadership. When he and his team detect a potential healthcare leader, they step in with capital and expertise to help the business cross the line into profitability. This strengthens the healthcare system and provides good jobs.

Tananbaum has been involved in co-founding two important biopharmaceutical companies as well as venture capital firms specializing in developing successful biopharmaceutical companies. He has extensive educational credentials at major institutions such as Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Foresite Capital is the culmination of his experience in the biopharmaceutical sector, whose goal is to form a unique investment model. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

The vision behind Foresite is the marriage of his experience as a healthcare entrepreneur and investment strategist. With his ability to identify crucial factors for success and the ability to provide information, networks, and capital, Foresite is uniquely positioned to play a critical role for emerging leaders. Thus far Foresite Capital has invested in 77 healthcare companies including biopharmaceuticals, medical services, diagnostics and genomic sequencing.

Tananbaum spends a great deal of time networking with the innovators in healthcare. Thought leaders are crucial to the type of investment that he looks for. To bring ideas to life, he seeks out those individuals who are persistent and brilliant. Foresite then provides the capital that helps these individuals make critical scientific discoveries. This model has the potential to make a great impact on healthcare.

Jim Tananbaum considers himself an academic at heart and his love of learning is what propels him to find the best solutions that science has to offer. Passion and persistence help him grow the business and portfolio. Jim Tananbaum finds that team dynamics are essential for any great pursuit like healthcare research. He finds that synergy is what drives the most successful teams.

Recently Tananbaum was named to the Forbes Midas List for 2017. This list highlights the top 100 venture investors. It’s a distinction he’s earned for three consecutive years. Jim Tananbaum continues an amazing career.


Bruce Bent II And The Firm That Changed The Financial World

Money market fund is considered the most innovative financial technology of all time. For those who don’t know what money market fund entails, it is a mutual fund that invests in commercial paper or a cash equivalent fund like the U.S Treasury Bills. In the financial world, money market funds are a sanctuary and are considered the safest investment choices that have high yields.

Money market funds in the US are controlled by the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Company Act of 1940. One may believe that money market funds have risks just like any other financial tool. However, it is important to note that although there are risks involved, the risks have a lesser impact when compared to other investment options in the market. More and more people prefer money market funds to other standard short-term investment options because it has a better return.

Bruce Bent II is an amazing business man who truly understands this innovation. In fact, he grew up with the man who was behind the money market fund, his father. Bent II being around the financial industry his whole life has given him a keen understanding to the ins and outs of this business sector.

Bent II graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Northeastern University. Bent II then began his career helping businesses and people with created financial solutions.  He currently is employed with Double Rock Corporation where he is the president and vice chairman.


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Beauty tips from Kim Dao

Kim Dao is a well-known blogger and YouTube from Australia. Dao loves makeup, traveling, and fashion. She is an alumnus of the University of Western Australia. Kim Dao specialized in psychology and Japanese language. Due to this passion, Dao traveled to Japan for the first time in 2011. Travelling is also part of what she loves doing. Many of her readers got interested in her blogs and posted many notes to acknowledge her.

Due to this demand, Kim Dao decided to make a YouTube Channel to expose her experiences to fans. Apart from YouTube experiences, Dao has worked for many brands including appearing on television stations. Some of the brands that she has worked for include Etude house, Amore pacific, Shu Uemura, Liz Lisa and many others.

One of a fascinating YouTube videos she has ever posted is that of 30th Dec 2016. Kim talks about the top 100 Korean makeup products. She advises people and makeup fanatics on what to go for in order to beautify their skin. Some of the Korean beauty products that she talks about are:

Etude House face Blur

Hera magic starter

Innisfree Cushion base

VDL Lumilayer Primer

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion


Hera UV Mist Cushion

Etude House AC clean Up

Kim Dao’s physical appearance is a true definition of beauty. She has sexy eyes and smooth moisturized skin.


Take A Chance With George Street Photo and Video NYC

Capturing moments on video is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity to do things right, so make sure you pass along the responsibility to a true professional.

George Street Photo and Video Address has the editing skills to turn your wedding video into a work of art. You will think this footage is an award winning movie rather than your own personal event. Cherish this precious part of your will and have a nice video to share with your future kids or grandkids.

George Street Photo is not the new kid on the block. The Knot had rated the company as the best option in New York City for wedding photography. With over 1,600 satisfied clients, it is an absolute assured that your wedding is in good hands. They are offering $500 off select packages for new customers, so now is the time to take advantage.

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Hussain Sajwani Excels In Real Estate Business

In 2002 Hussain Sajwani founded Damac Properties. But few are aware that this was not his first business. It was a completely different business. He was in the food catering business earlier.

At that time he met a number of people from foreign countries. He was able to build contacts with people who were in high places. This was when he realized that he cannot make a big amount of money from this business. This is because food catering business has low-profit margins. Read more: Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

The idea of Damac Properties came when the Dubai government came out with the decree to permit foreigners to own property in the Emirate under their own name. Hussain Sajwani realized that non-Emiratis would be the main buyers of his luxury apartments. So he decided to go ahead with launching his own company. This is how Damac Properties came about in 2002. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

The DAMAC owner bought land that was in an undeveloped part of the town. Hence he could get it at cheap rates. He started building a residential tower here. It was a 38-story building. Its flats got sold even before he started with their construction. Within six months all the flats got sold off.

In fact, Hussain Sajwani can be considered for being responsible for creating the image of Dubai as a highly glittering destination.

It was in 2013 that Damac and Donald Trump got together. They collaborated on developing two golf courses. Both were Trump branded. The International Golf Course Dubai opened in 2017. It was at the Akoya residential development of Damac. Another one is the Trump World Golf Course that will be opening in 2018. This is designed by Tiger Woods.

Donald Trump may not be planning to get into any new business deals while in office. But his business relationship with Hussain Sajwani remains as strong as ever. They are now looking at new ways for strengthening these ties between them.

There is a personal relationship between their wives too as they are quite friendly with each other. Hence this relationship exists beyond business. Hussain Sajwani is happy as he plans to continue doing business not with Donald Trump, but with his children.

Nabors CEO Anthony Petrello, An American Success Story

Anthony “Tony” Petrello, CEO of oil drilling giant Nabors Industries Ltd is no stranger to success. In a 2014 Daily Beast article, former college roommate Lloyd Grove describes Petrello as a “wicked-smart math whiz” who came from a working-class New Jersey family.

After earning both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics from Yale, Anthony Petrello decided to pursue a law degree from equally prestigious Harvard University. A 12-year career with corporate law firm Baker and McKenzie led to an offer from Nabors, one of the firm’s clients. Petrello began as Nabors Industries’ chief operating officer in 1991, and is currently the CEO and president, as well as serving as chairman of the board. His total calculated compensation for 2015 exceeded $27.6 million.

Petrello has also been able to turn personal adversity into something positive. Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia’s daughter Carena was born prematurely with the neurological disorder periventricular leukomalacia, which developed into cerebral palsy as she grew up.

This inspired the Petrellos to become involved in the search for a cure for childhood cerebral palsy. Together they have donated $5 million to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital (of which Anthony Petrello is a board member), with a commitment to donate $2 million more. Anthony Petrello’s success story, backed by hard work and determination, is definitely one to follow.